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Beach Rats

USA 2017 | Drama, Youth Film | Eliza Hittman | 16

In the anonymity of chatrooms Frankie is gay, but when he goes out to the beach and meets his buddies, he wears a mask of toxic, heteronormative masculinity.


USA 2017 | Drama | Joshua Z. Weinstein | 6

MENASHE is based on the life of Hassidic stand up comedian Menashe Lustig. After the death of his wife, Hassidic Jew Menashe would like to raise his son on his own but that isn‘t allowed and everything else that Menashe touches goes wrong as ...

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always | USA/Großbritannien 2020 | Drama | Eliza Hittman | 6

When 17-year-old Autumn from Pennsylvania finds out that she‘s pregnant, she only tells her cousin Skyler about it. With little money and the address of a clinic in her bag, the two make their way to New York City.

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