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Mina and Halim run a traditional tailor shop specializing in traditional caftans. When young tailor Youssef starts his training with Halim, Mina notices the attraction between Halim and Youssef. read more

Willem Dafoe plays art thief Nemo who is trapped by an automatic security system of the luxury penthouse which he wanted to rob. read more

Sang-hyeon and his friend Dong-soo steal children who have been abandoned in a baby hatch and give them to well-to-do couples. When young mother So-young discovers what the “brokers“ are planning, she decides to come along. read more


Still on the run from the world's top assassins, John Wick has to battle a high-ranking member of the High Table to win back his freedom. read more

Schwentke‘s new film SENECA, revolves around the Roman philosopher who was the teacher and mentor of young emperor Nero for some years and later died due to his proximity to power. read more

Director Sandra Prechtel and her team follow daughter Kim and mother Lore Seligsohn up close and personal as they process their grim German family history. read more

Signe takes questionable medication with strong side effects and becomes an “interesting“ medical case because she wants to get the same attention that her boyfriend Thomas usually gets. read more


THE ORDINARIES creates a fictional world with unconventional rules. All of society is structured by film terms. At the very top of the pyramid are the “main characters,“ who get complex storylines, have feelings, and create their own emotional ... read more

Four US teenagers are sent on a “mission“ by the Church of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), like tens of thousands of others. The trip takes the young Mormons to very atheist Finland. read more

SISI & ICH centers around empress Elisabeth as she gets closer to her lady-in-waiting countess Irma, gaining mutual trust and testing each other time and again. It is the story of a friendship, a love and a farewell. read more



Two troubled young people trying to get away from their past fall in love. read more


AIR tells the story of Nike's marketing manager Sonny Vaccaro, who contracted Michael Jordan in the early 80s and turned the company's basketball trainers into a global brand. read more


50 year old Gina acquires a bankrupt moving company and hires the movers as erotic cleaners. read more