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EUREKA is a sometimes depressing, sometimes enchanting work in three parts, loosely connected by the themes of land grabbing and the decimation of indigenous living spaces. read more

The crisis in STERBEN is always present. In three chapters, each focusing on a different family memory, Glasner depicts the story of decay with oscillating radicalism. read more

A woman, two men who fight over here, a second-rate tennis game as the simplest possible metaphor for their competition: Luca Guadagnino directs this essentially banal farce, as if it were a matter of life and death, with grand gestures and rousing ... read more


In the third part of his queer Berlin trilogy, Jochen Hick, with the help of many contemporary witnesses, depicts the present as a diversified era that has decoupled from binary gender categories. read more

CIVIL WAR is a warning about the escalation of social conflicts in the US on one hand, and on the other it’s a story about a hard-boiled war photographer who takes a young, ambitious photographer under her wings. read more

FOR THE TIME BEING sheds light on the private life of a confident woman who is fighting for the release of her husband from prison. read more

At 48, Etero falls in love for the first time and has to decide whether to embark on a late romance or hold on to her independence. read more

Hamaguchi takes his time for every shot, every piece of dialogue, and every little activity of the characters. read more


Rohrwacher's characters chase after a pipe dream, a chimera. Quick money, lost love, the reunification with the deceased, and social interactions that occur outside of the capital. read more

BACK TO BLACK is a biopic about Amy Winehouse and her fatal relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil. read more

TERRESTRIAL VERSES offers sometimes funny and often shocking insight into the corrupt and arbitrary forms bureaucracy can take in a country whose justice system is governed by strict religious rules. read more

Woody Allen arranges his characters into a classic crime thriller and throws a few entertaining coincidences here and there into the narrative. read more