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With the last of their money, a socialite and her son move to Paris to start a new life. They are accompanied by their cat, which may be more than just a loved pet. read more

Romantic drama continuing the story of AFTER WE COLLIDED. read more

Madison is haunted by hallucinations of a dark figure committing grisly murders - which then turn out to be true. Is her mind playing tricks on her or is she being stalked by a demonic force? read more

Samuel and Janik are best friends and are planning a long trip to Istanbul after high school graduation. Then something stupid happens involving alcohol, but the two of them still go without patching up their deep divide. read more


In his passionate political satire, Johannes Naber dramatizes one of the largest spy scandals in recent decades: the involvement of the BND in the falsified information about bioweapons experiments in Iraq that served to justify the Iraq War. read more

Bill Baker (Matt Damon) from Stillwater, Oklahoma regularly flies to Marseille, where his daughter is charged with killing her roommate. read more

Dinosaur Jr. are indie rock pioneers, but there have been reports of tension between the three band members from the beginning. In FREAKSCENE, J Mascis, Lou, and Murph speak openly about the toxic atmosphere in the band. read more

Psychedelic documentary on the fascinating world in the ground, the history of fungi and their biochemistry. read more

Joab Nist‘s blog NOTES OF BERLIN, which posted the notes found on Berlin street lamps, windscreens, and post boxes was turned into the interactive website “Notes of Berlin Lab“ in 2014, where the stories behind the notes are told: which is ... read more


Long-awaited film version of Frank Herbert's scifi-epic. Political intrigue and giant sandworms on the desert planet Arrakis. Young Paul Atreides has to face up to his destiny. read more

A long-term documentary about an extraordinary teacher and his class. read more