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Like in his very first film, the lyrical BADLANDS (1973), A HIDDEN LIFE is also modeled after a true story. Franz Jägerstettet was an Austrian conscientious objector in World War II. When he was drafted, he refused the oath of allegiance to Hitler. read more

Lucy is left by her boyfriend for being "pornphobic". Trying to prove him wrong, she makes a sexual to-do list. And meets the man of her dreams somewhere along the way. read more

Lady Gaga as Barbra Streisand as Judy Garland plays a singer who becomes a star while the male star who discovers her succumbs to his alcohol and drug addiction. The fourth version of the material – not counting variations like ALL ABOUT EVE, ... read more

Episodic and poetic vignettes about life and what one can do against it ending. read more


The Magic of Flight – Der Traum vom Fliegen

read more


Film adaptation of a YA romance novel. Continuing the romantic tale begun in 2019's AFTER. read more

Turning animation into reality through extensive CGI, the new ALADDIN offers all the pleasures of the Golden Age of film-musicals while slightly updating Princess Jasmine's motivations. read more

Levan Gelbakhiani as Merab frolics with unrestrained energy and a disarming smile in this Georgian love drama about two ballet students. read more

How Ruth K. Westheimer, born 1928 in Wiesenfeld/Karlstadt, became the No. 1 person for America to turn to in matters of sex. read more


A fast paced montage of TV-features, videos and Super-8-films, B-MOVIE tells the story of one of the most exciting periods of the West-Berlin music scene, from the perspective of Mark Reeder, an Englishman from Manchester, who moved to Berlin in ... read more

A fantasy film with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans. read more

For a long time Ines Johnson-Spain didn't know why her skin was a different colour from her family's. In her documentary she searches for her roots and explores the history of racism in the GDR. read more

In Burhan Qurbani‘s new adaptation of Döblin‘s “Berlin Alexanderplatz,“ Franz Biberkopf is replaced by Francis, a migrant from Guinea-Bissau who feels responsible for his wife‘s drowning in the Mediterranean and wants to become a good ... read more

A US comic book adaptation. read more

The remake of Bille August‘s film STILLE HJIERTE (2014) is about terminally ill Lily (Susan Sarandon) who wishes to take her own life and wants to gather her family around her beforehand for one last time. read more

The desolate future never looked better. read more

Cops are being haunted by the spirit of a young boy killed illegally. read more

Four artists that work with bodies: Marina Abramović, Shirin Neshat, Sigalit Landau, and Katharina Sieverding. read more

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY tells the story of Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury against the backdrop of the band Queen. read more


Marthe Hoffnung was a spy for the French army and delivered important information that contributed to the end of World War II. The films shows her during her lecture tours and listens as she talks about how it all came to be back then. read more

14-year-old Nola has body issues and shuts herself off more and more while her older sister goes out on the town. This changes when Nola falls for the new girl in class. read more

A harsh, beautiful exploration of religion and redemption in small-town Poland. read more


Adaptation of the novella by Thomas Mann about a love affair at a Venice hotel. read more

Animated film with Steve Carrell. read more

Dr. Dolittle, the vet who can speak to animals has to journey across the sea to cure a poisoned Queen Victoria. Stars an all-star-cast as the voices of various animals. read more


A film director finds himself in a creative crisis. He also has problems in his private life. While he tries to start several projects and keeps postponing the beginning of his shoot, her thinks back on his life so far. read more


Story of an obsessed opera-lover whose dream it is to bring opera to the deep Amazon jungle. In order to do so he manages to haul a 300-plus ton steamship over the mountains. A film by Werner Herzog. read more

17 year old Stella has an incurable disease and spends most of her time in the hospital. She meets Will there, who rebels against his treatment. The smallest touch could put their lives in danger. read more

Hipster-blogger travels to Russia to find more extreme content and winds up in an Escape Room. But will he be able to escape or will blood be shed? read more

Director Waad Al-Kateab made a film about her daughter Sama so she‘ll be able to remember the Syria that Al-Kataeb left and so her daughter will be able to see and perhaps understand why she wanted to stay but ultimately did flee. read more

Part intimate portrait, part breath-taking extreme sport thriller, FREE SOLO follows climber Alex Honnold in his ascent of the 1000 m high El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Alex is climbing it “free solo“ - all in one go with ... read more



The love story between a young man from a wealthy house whose neuroticism leads to an obsession with death, and Maude, an 80 year old who is non-confirmist and filled with energy. read more

Biography of Harriet Tubman, one of the most prominent figures of the Underground Railroad. read more

Heaven Knows What resets the genre of drug addiction drama by combining stylistic cinematography with an incredible autobiographical performance by first-time actor Arielle Holmes. read more

A biography of photographer Helmut Newton who would have turned 100 this year and who was never afraid of being controversial. read more


Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa), a Christian singer, struggles with his faith after his wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer. read more

Former Sicilian mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta decides to go on record as a chief witness and discuss all the details about the “honorable society“. The resulting “Maxi trial“ took six years in a bulletproof room and resulted in the indictment ... read more


Ten-year-old Jojo discovers that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl. Not even his imaginary friend Hitler knows what to do. Taika Waititi‘s garish comedy offers jokes in volleys, but it also contains an emotionally moving story. read more


Renée Zellweger plays Judy Garland at the end of her career with full commitment walking the fine line between high tension and losing control. read more

The players have to re-enter the game after one of them got lost in it. New dangers and locals await them. read more


A homage to good old-fashioned whodunnits including a famous victim, a dysfunctional family, and a flamboyant master detective (Daniel Craig) with the nice name of Benoit Blanc. read more


Gossip columnist Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) drifts through Rome, meets women and lives an empty but sweet life. read more

Barkeeper Lene who has been sorely missed by her regulars is back in town. A night at a bar. read more

Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott. The four March sisters are moving from childhood to adulthood, briefly stuck in a transitory state as "little women". read more

After her mother dies, 19 year old Clarissa wants to fulfill her biggest dream together with her grandmother and her mother‘s old friend Isabella: to open a bakery in London‘s hipster neighborhood Notting Hill. read more


The small yellow minions have existed since the dawn of time. Over the course of evolutionary history they have always served the worst villains, from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon. Inevitably, every reign of terror had to end at some point. Without ... read more

Barry Jenkins MOONLIGHT, nominated for eight Oscars, is a masterpiece, a daring film about what it means to grow up poor and black, a film about sexuality and masculinity, about damages to the soul, about sensuality and goodness. read more

Huge CIA-agent has to surveil a family but has his work cut out with their nine-year-old daughter. read more


Classmates Katja, Sascha, Benni, Schöller, and Laila live near Berlin. Most of their parents are absent, they are left to their own devices. A raw, brutal coming-of-age drama. read more

Live broadcast of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's performance about an oversexed, self-obsessed woman monologuing. read more

The film shoot that is supposed to help actress Nina Wu make her breakthrough turns out to be toxic and Nina slips into a nightmare again and again. The borders of film, reality, and fear fantasies blur. read more


Two elf-brothers set off on a magical quest to bring back their deceased father. They already have his legs. read more


Harry Dean Stanton plays Travis, a man who disappeared after losing his life, his wife, and his child only to reappear in a Texan hick town in the middle of nowhere. His brother picks him up and a long trip across the US and into the past ensues. ... read more


Marjane Satrapi‘s colorful graphic novel adaptation is about Marie Curie and travels across the world of radioactivity from the discovery of radioactive radiation through to cancer therapy to Chernobyl and Hiroshima. read more

Security guard Richard Jewell discovers a bomb in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and is celebrated at first, but is later grilled by the authorities and the media. read more


The documentary about artist and professional provocateur Christoph Schlingensief offers an overview of Schlingensief‘s work as well as the political milestones of German post-war history. read more

SEBERG tells the story of actress Jean Seberg (BREATHLESS), who was driven to numerous suicide attemps by J. Edgar Hoover‘s FBI because she was involved with the black civil rights movement and the Black Panther party. read more

Summer 1965: During the fight for voter rights in practice and not just on paper, Martin Luther King and his campaigners organize peaceful protests in Selma. The (white) police force respond with brutal force. read more

What's on the screen? We won't tell. read more

Portrait of the Rolling Stones' second guitarist - never as much in the limelight as Jagger and Richards but just as fascinating. read more

High-velocity hedgehog on the run comes to Earth, and is chased further by the evil megalomaniac Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey). Only the local sheriff (James Marsden) will help him. Adaptation of the Sega-mascot. read more

A conservative Southern Baptist choir mistress finds herself in charge of a San Francisco drag bar - and liking it. read more

Julianne Moore plays a woman diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Linear, but also loose, with numerous leaps in time, weeks and months are compressed together is the way the film depicts Alice’s progressive mental decline, but also the ... read more

Drama about a twelve-year-old going missing and the effect it has on her family. read more

Berlin-based Swedish director and screenwriter Carolina Hellsgård links Claire‘s coming-of-age story with a Senegalese teenager who fled to southern Spain in SUNBURNED. read more

The Australian documentary SUZI Q tells the story of the bassist and singer from the beginning when she started the garage band The Pleasure Seekers with her sisters Patti and Arlene and began touring at age 15. read more


For the most part, TENET is a fun two-and-a-half hours of sci-fi spy-thriller immersion. For better and worse, it finds Nolan in pure entertainment mode while also going all-in on his chrono fetish. read more

Biographical drama about the inventor, his ambitions and his love life. read more

Portrait of the estonian Neo-Classical composer read more

Publisher Helga meets chatty psychiatrist Ángel Sanagustín on a train. His bizarre, convoluted stories lead to darker and darker places and ultimately to her husband, whom she just committed to a mental hospital. read more

A couple wishes to do their bit for a better global future by starting an organic farm in California. They have a rocky road ahead. read more

US screenwriter, director, and protagonist Michael Angelo Covino shows a male friendship in eight chapters that has highs and many, many lows through the years – and yet still survives. read more

A chronicle of the competition between T.A. Edison and N. Tesla and the electrical systems they represented. read more

SciFi-mystery about a cab driver and his fare caught in a time-loop. read more

Mickey Pearson wants to leave the marijuana business and is looking for a buyer interested in acquiring his plantation. Things soon escalate. read more

Those who grow up in Staten Island want to leave – everyone but 24 year old Scott that is, who is so lethargic that he‘s satisfied with smoking joints all the time and spending evenings in front of his computer. read more

Gregor Erler has made an impressive, tough genre film: Dietmar has spent half his life in his Berlin apartment that is now supposed to get renovated. When the new broker goes to Dietmar‘s apartment, the situation escalates. read more

An alien lands on Earth to help his family who live in a barrent desert planet. He builds an economic empire but is later betrayed and experimented on. read more

War drama about 53 US soldiers holding a remote outpost against attack from 400 Afghan insurgents. read more

Two men on the lam: 22 year old Zak with Down syndrome and outsider Tyler sail towards Florida on a raft and become friends. read more

Armando Iannucci tones the melodrama down and turns the comedy up in his lively new adaptation of the semi-autobiographical classic without losing Dickens‘ social-revolutionary message on the way. read more

THE PHOTOGRAPH just wants to be a feel-good date movie, and it gets the job done. read more

Film adaptation of the self-help book by Rhonda Byrne read more

Stanley Kubrick's brilliant adaptation of the Stephen King novel. read more

Literary adaptation of the novel by Günter Grass read more

A young jewish man who thinks he lost his faith in the supernatural gets confronted with concrete evidence while holding a vigil. read more

The 1982 film directed by Alan Parker based on the Pink Floyd album, The Wall. read more

A slow-burn Chinese thriller with occasional moments of excess. read more

A sequel that introduces a new toy, namely Forky (voiced by Keanu Reeves). read more


Barbara Wallbraun depicts a diverse, moving, and often shocking image of lesbian love in the GDR by interviewing six protagonists. read more

Undine, a nymph who only gets a soul if she‘s loved, works as a historian in the Berlin senate. read more

Road rage thriller starring Russell Crowe. read more



Writer-director Trey Edward Shults’s latest film adds to a small subsection of movies that use a highly stylistized brand of filmmaking to engage with the extreme but familiar emotions of modern life. It also relies heavily on music, sound design, ... read more

Cate Blanchett is Bernadette Fox. Once a celebrated architect in LA, she is now a feared, eccentric neighbor and mother in Seattle. read more

An intimate documentary about the legendary director. read more

Otto Sander and Brunco Ganz as angels watching over Berlin. Wim Wender‘s poetic film is also a historic document of the city before the fall of the Wall. read more


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