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The Bad Batch

USA 2016 | Action, Horror | Ana Lily Amirpour

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

USA 2014 | Horror, Thriller | Ana Lily Amirpour | 12

At night, the GIRL haunts the streets of Sherhabad "Bad City," an apocalyptic oil mining town. The GIRL has no name, she wears the chador like a superhero’s cape and she takes the souls of men. Then she meets young Arash, a boy who loves nothing ...

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

USA 2022 | Fantasy, Drama | Ana Lily Amirpour | 16

The feminist horror comedy gleefully deconstructs gender stereotypes and the shrill but warm characters, cool 90s neon look and the propelling techno sound merge into a fantastic trip.

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