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The Zukunft must stay!

Zukunft at Ostkreuz is one of the last and most beautiful open air spaces and “playgrounds“ in the city. Movies, theater, art, festivals and concerts have taken place here since 2011. Many different groups have events at this affordable venue with an open, diverse audience of like-minded people and there is home brew beer. The open air cinema Pompeji in the ruins of a burnt-down film warehouse is always the first one to open and the last one to close. In short: Zukunft is simply a good spot and is now unfortunately one of the many that is under threat of shutting down due to the speculation craze in the city. Zukunft‘s contract will run out on March 31st 2022. For more info, demonstration dates and the petition go here:: zukunft-ostkreuz.de

The Zukunft must stay!

Date: 05.01.2022 to 31.03.2022
Time: 23:55
Location: Zukunft

Laskerstr. 5, 10245 Berlin
Phone: 0176/57861079
S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz