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Freiluftkino Pompeji am Ostkreuz

The last days of the Pompeji

Zukunft am Ostkreuz is going to move to Alt-Stralau 68. After 12 years, the cinema will be screening its last film in its current location on 26.8 . Pompeii Open Air is milking the season to the last drop and has programmed three themed weeks in September. From 11-17.9, seven films by Christopher Nolan will be screening, as well as BARBIE – as part of the Friday double feature. From 18-24.9 you‘ll be able to watch the entire Harry Potter series, and from 24.9-1.10, the science-fiction & fantasy film week will feature THE LORD OF THE RINGS as well as 2001 – A SPACE ODYSSEY, SUPERMAN, and the very last Zukunft feature will be THE WIZARD OF OZ. Sniff!

The last days of the Pompeji

Date: 24.08.2023
Location: Freiluftkino Pompeji am Ostkreuz

Alt-Stralau 68 , 10245 Berlin,
Phone: 0176/578 610 79
S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz