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Kino & Bar in der Königstadt

New Cinema: Kino in der Königsstadt

Berlin has a new cinema. Harald Sieber, the head of SEEFF (South East European Film Festival) opened a cinema with a bar and a post-production work space in November in an industrial building in the old Königstadt (Straßburger Straße 55), a former brewery. “Club der 100,“ has also opened, a supporter club which is meant to enable the cinema to “show films that we want without focusing on profit. Films that don‘t have distribution yet, unwieldy films, experimental films – in short, films that are worth seeing and don‘t have a platform.“

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New Cinema: Kino in der Königsstadt

Date: 27.11.2019
Language: English
Location: Kino & Bar in der Königstadt

Straßburger Str. 55, 10405 Berlin
Phone: 0163/262 72 80