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Galerie O&O Depot

Exhibition: Syd Mead – Future Cities

Until 30th of January 2020, the gallery O&O Depot is showing the first German solo exhibition of the works of illustrator and designer Syd Mead. Syd Mead designed images of the future that have impacted the cinema of today. His retro-futurist designs served as the inspiration – and even part of the set design – of BLADE RUNNER and BLADE RUNNER 2049, ALIENS, TRON, 2010, MISSION TO MARS, and ELYSIUM. The exhibiton SYD MEAD – FUTURE CITIES focuses on Mead‘s cityscapes, especially from his “Sentinel“ collection from 1979. “Sentinel“ influenced the design of downtown Los Angeles in BLADE RUNNER, but Mead‘s drawings are far more optimistic. His future is a world of steel and light, where elegant people lay back and enjoy luxury. Mead‘s visions stem from a time when the future was still the stuff of dreams.

Exhibition: Syd Mead – Future Cities

Date: 08.01.2020 to 30.01.2020
Location: Galerie O&O Depot