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The Hallow

In his home-invasion-meets-creature-horror debut Corin Hardy sends a young couple into the Irish woods where “the hallow” live and take revenge on anyone who dares trespass into their territory.


2015 was the year where vampires and zombies went out of style. The new trend is classic psychological horror like THE BABADOOK and IT FOLLOWS and free interpretations of international folkloric traditions like KRAMPUS or THE HALLOW. Corin Hardy’s first feature film is a new version of the tale of banshees, fairies, and changelings set in the Irish forest. Adam, Clare, and their baby Finn move to an Irish village, where Adam has taken over the management of the recently privatized forest. The locals’ hostility is rooted in a politically explosive situation based on real events. Ireland really did have to privatize large sections of public estate in order to sink the national debt. Neighbor Colm warns Adam about stepping into the forest and no one thinks Clare’s attempt to get rid of the iron bars on their house windows is a good idea. It is only when Adam’s car is stuck in the forest and something tries to infiltrate their house that Adam and Clare begin to understand what the locals are really afraid of. THE HALLOW starts off like a home invasion thriller and quickly turns into an original creature feature with a dense atmosphere and great special effects that are mostly done without CGI. The creature design is obviously where Corin Hardy’s passion lies and it promises a bright future ahead. His next project is the remake of the goth classic THE CROW with a screenplay by Nick Cave and a 40 million dollar budget. Hardy will find himself in the goth pop Olympics in 2017 at the latest if the film is even halfway decent. Before that happens, here is a chance to see his beginnings.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Irland/Großbritannien 2015, 97 min
Language: English
Genre: Horror
Director: Corin Hardy
Author: Felipe Marino, Corin Hardy
DOP: Martijn van Broekhuizen
Montage: Nick Emerson
Music: James Gosling
Distributor: MFA+ FilmDistribution
Cast: Bojana Novakovic, Michael Smiley, Michael McElhatton, Joseph Mawle, Stephen Cromwell
FSK: 16
Release: 31.12.2015


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