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Stefan from Bochum moved to Munich a while ago and now he is returning for his father’s funeral. It is supposed to be a short visit, but the Ruhr area offers up all its charm in order to keep Stefan there.


SOMMERFEST is a melancholy film. Sönke Wortmann’s adaptation of Frank Goosen’s novel yearns for home, family, a place that can never change and feelings that come close to unconditional love. Yet Stefan (Lucas Gregorowicz) has moved away from home, unlike his friends from kindergarten. He became an actor and lives in Munich. At the beginning of the film you see him as one of Schiller’s robber’s in a modernized rock version of the play as he gives a message, but then he gets a message himself: his father has died. Stefan takes the next train to Bochum without changing his clothes, a cold-sounding woman, Stefan’s girlfriend and manager, complains on the phone about how she wasn’t informed. Everything is a vexing warm nest from the first minute in Bochum. Stefan’s friend Toto texts him constantly and Stefan is forced to help pick up a closet and meets the soccer star of the neighborhood: Murat, who made it into the 2nd league. For long stretches of time, SOMMERFEST is a compilation of encounters with surreal types who have big heart and are serene underneath all that brash slang. Stefan’s exotic job causes a ripple every time ala “should I know you from something?” which quickly dies down. They shouldn’t and it doesn’t matter anyway. Don’t these brash, content people living on the margins know him better than the Munich socialists ever could? That’s the notion of home that SOMMERFEST dreams up in any case. There’s also the good fairy, Stefan’s ex Charlie, channeling blissful memories and romantic visions of the future that flow together. Charlie seems strangely fictional. Real home is made up of friends and neighbors.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Deutschland 2017, 92 min
Genre: Literary Film Adaptations, Comedy
Director: Sönke Wortmann
Author: Sönke Wortmann
DOP: Michael Wiesweg
Distributor: X-Verleih
Cast: Lucas Gregorowicz, Peter Jordan, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Anna Bederke, Nicolas Bodeux
Release: 29.06.2017




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English/with English subtitles
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