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Großbritannien 2020 | Drama, Romance Films, Biography | Francis Lee | 12

Kate Winslet is paleontologist Mary Anning who collects fossils on the southern coast of England and sells them to tourists. She is tasked with caring for a client‘s sickly wife, Charlotte (Saoirse Ronan), who has been prescribed to get some sea ...

Ashes in the Snow

Litauisches Kinio goes Berlin – Summer Edition | Litauen/USA | Drama, Historical Film, Literary Film Adaptations | Marius A. Markevicius


USA 2020 | Comedy, Drama | Nat Faxon, Jim Rash

The Current War

The Current War | USA 2017 | Biography, Drama | Alfonso Gomez-Rejon | 6

A chronicle of the competition between T.A. Edison and N. Tesla and the electrical systems they represented.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain | USA 2019 | Comedy, Tierfilm | Simon Curtis | 6

Dying Golden Retriever Enzo looks back on his life and that of his owner Denny, a man torn between the love for his family and that for racing.


Adrift | Frankreich/Belgien 2018 | Drama, Action, Adventure | Baltasar Kormákur | 12

Tami falls for sailor Richard and they embark on a big sea voyage together.


USA/Deutschland 2020 | Drama | Franka Potente

Franka Potente‘s film HOME is set in a Californian small town hit by poverty and the opioid epidemic. Marvin returns to his hometown after 17 years in prison where the granddaughter of the woman he murdered develops sympathy for him.

All Quiet On The Western Front

Im Westen nichts Neues – All Quiet on the Western Front | USA/Deutschland 2022 | Drama, War Film, Literary Film Adaptations | Edward Berger | 16

New adaptation of the anti-war novel by Erich Maria Remarque


USA/Großbritannien/Australien 2016 | Drama | Garth Davis | 12

Little Saroo falls asleep in a freight car one night and lands in Calcutta 1600 kilometers away. Adult Saroo begins to search for his roots years after being adopted by an Australian family.

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