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Firestarter – Feuerkind

USA 2022 | Fantasy, Thriller, Literary Film Adaptations | Keith Thomas

A teenage pyrokinetic and her father are on the run from a sinister government agency.

Infinity Pool

Kanada/Frankreich/Ungarn 2023 | Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery | Brandon Cronenberg | 18

Brandon Cronenberg shows tourists lean into the excesses of sex and violence in a country where money can literally buy anything.

Orphan – First Kill

Orphan – First Kill | USA 2022 | Crime Drama, Horror | William Brent Bell

An Estonian serial killer who looks like a young girl uses this fact to pose as the long-lost daughter of an American couple. Prequel to 2009's ORPHAN.


Kanada/Grossbritannien 2020 | Science Fiction, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Brandon Cronenberg | 18

An innovative body horror film directed by David Cronenberg‘s son Brandon Cronenberg. Agent Tasya Vos assassinates people while inhabiting the bodies of selected hosts. The job is wearing her down.

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