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Manhunter | USA 1986 | Thriller | Michael Mann | 16

The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm | USA 1997 | Tragicomedy | Ang Lee | 12


Face/Off | USA 1996 | Action, Thriller | John Woo | 16

While super-terrorist Castor Troy is in a come, FBI-agent Sean Archer has to wear his face to find a bomb Troy set before his accident. But then Troy wakes up and takes over Archer's life and face.

Legenda o Suramskoj Kreposti

Legenda o Suramskoj Kreposti | UdSSR 1985 | History | Sergej Paradschanow, Hans Alfredson


USA 1995 | Biography | Oliver Stone | 12


Room | Kanada/Irland 2015 | Drama | Lenny Abrahamson | 12

Joy and her Son Jack are kept in a small room by Joy’s kidnapper. Jack was born in this room, and Joy pretends that the room is the only thing that really exists in the world. But Jack is getting too old for this illusion.

In Country

In Country | USA 1989 | Drama, War Film | Norman Jewison

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