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Death Wish

USA 2017 | Thriller, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Eli Roth | 18

A remake of the revenge thriller starring Bruce Willis and directed by Eli Roth.


USA 2018 | Action, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction | M. Night Shyamalan | 16

Incarcerated in a mental institution, superhuman security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis) meets up with his old nemesis Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), as well as a new opponent with 24 personalities (James McAvoy).


USA 2012 | Science Fiction, Thriller | Rian Johnson | 16

Moonrise Kingdom

USA 2012 | Drama | Wes Anderson | 12

Motherless Brooklyn

USA 2019 | Crime Drama, Drama | Edward Norton | 12 | NEW RELEASE

Edward Norton‘s adaptation of Jonathan Lethem‘s exhillarating novel MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN is a good, solid noir film with a great jazz soundtrack.

Pulp Fiction

USA 1993 | Thriller | Quentin Tarantino | 16

Rock the Kasbah

USA 2015 | Comedy | Barry Levinson | 12

Bill Murray plays music producer Richie Lanz who is stuck in Afghanistan. When he discovers the talented Salima, he decides to help her compete in the men-only casting show “Afghan Star”.

Sin City

USA 2005 | Action, Satire | Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez | 18

Film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novels of hard-boiled tales. Where men are tough and angular and women are round and semi-dressed. Features plenty of violence, preferably against peni.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense | USA 1999 | Psychothriller | M. Night Shyamalan | 16

A boy who communicates with spirits seeks the help of a child psychologist.

Die Hard

Die Hard | USA 1987 | Action | John McTiernan | 16

A US action film set on Christmas with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman.


Unbreakable | USA 2000 | Science Fiction, Thriller | M. Night Shyamalan | 16

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element | USA 1995 | Action, Science Fiction | Luc Besson | 12

A cult sci-fi movie directed by Luc Besson.

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