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Arrival | USA 2016 | Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction | Denis Villeneuve | 12

Denis Villeneuve’s new film ARRIVAL is a philosophical Sci-fi film in which aliens teach a linguistics professor, who just lost her daughter to cancer, about circular temporal consciousness.

Pawn Sacrifice

Pawn Sacrifice | USA 2014 | Drama | Edward Zwick | 6

In 1972, in the middle of the cold war, the brilliant but disturbed American chess wunderkind Bobby Fischer challenges the Russian champion Boris Spasski in the world finals in Iceland. The game becomes a proxy war by the two super powers.

Everything Is Copy

USA 2015 | Biography, Documentary | Jacob Bernstein, Nick Hooker

A Most Violent Year

USA 2014 | Action, Drama, Crime Drama | J. C. Chandor | 12

J. C. Chandor (MARGIN CALL, ALL IS LOST) delivers another portrait of a lonesome upright hero. New York 1981. Abel Morales’ “Standard Heating Co.” is under pressure from competitors and the police. Morales desperately tries to defend his ...


USA 2014 | Biography, Drama | Ava DuVernay | 12

Summer 1965: During the fight for voter rights in practice and not just on paper, Martin Luther King and his campaigners organize peaceful protests in Selma. The (white) police force respond with brutal force.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

USA 2018 | Action, Science Fiction, Adventure | Ron Howard

The story of Han Solo.

Where Is Kyra?

Where is Kyra? | USA 2017 | Drama | Andrew Dosunmu | 6

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