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Kino im Silent Green Kulturquartier

THE GARDEN: Cinematics of the Soil

When filmmaker Derek Jarman died in 1994 he left behind not only a significant and influential body of work but also a garden he planted around his cottage at Dungeness (Kent).
The Kulturquartier silent green is putting this garden at the center of an exhibition that will run from 22nd of July to 22nd of August. Apart from a number of films (screened in cooperation with Kino Arsenal) including the recently restored THE GARDEN, Jarman's angry requiem for Great Britain, THE LAST OF ENGLAND, his monochromatic analysis of his AIDS-infection's final stage BLUE, as well as films dealing with queer/feminist/transgressive subjects by other directors, there will be workshops, concerts and an exhibition of some of Jarman's paintings.
Some of the events will even be interactive, looking at the history of the site now housing Silent Green and putting it in context of Dungeness which is an artillery firing range as well as a nature conservation site, and mixing vintage recording with live transmissions from the garden.

Full details can be found at Silent Green Kulturquartier Feldforschung

Tickets for the exhibition opening can be ordered until July 17th at Opening Registration THE GARDEN

THE GARDEN: Cinematics of the Soil

Date: 22.07.2021 to 22.08.2021
Location: Kino im Silent Green Kulturquartier

Gerichtsr. 35, 13347 Berlin
Phone: 030/460 67 324