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The Children of Grindhouse Station 31: THE MUSICAL

The 31st edition of the trash and cult cinema series begins with a 35mm screening of the musical remake of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in which a flesh-eating plant from space terrorizes a lovesick young florist. The sci-fi motif continues with VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS: aliens in electric guitar shaped spaceships land in a US small town in the 1950s. Starring Pia Zadora, who is mosty famous today for tearing down the historical house of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks and replacing it with a “Venitian-style palazzo.“ Lastly, viewers who are still awake will be rewarded with THE APPLE (1980), a magnificent, overly ambitious popcorn spectacle. The trailer promises: “The APPLE gives you everything! THE APPLE takes your soul!” The second part is true, at the least. The films are accompanied by an extensive selection of trailers, shorts, and cinematic finds.

13.9. starts at 22:00

The Children of Grindhouse Station 31: THE MUSICAL

Date: 13.09.2019
Time: 22:00
Language: English
Location: Filmrauschpalast

Lehrter Str. 35, 10557 Berlin
Phone: 030/394 43 44
Hauptbahnhof + 10 min Fußweg, Bus 123 Kruppstraße, Bus M27 Quitzowstraße