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Central Hackescher Markt

Taiwan Film Festival 2023

This year, the Taiwan Film Festival (29.9.- 8.10) has the motto “Home, Wherever“ and will show eight films that focus on family and the different notions of what makes a home. The opening film GAGA by Laha Mebow depicts three generations in the indigenous Atayal family who are struggling with their social positioning, the passing on of traditions and family peace. In MISSING JOHNNY by Huang Xi, a missing parrot ties in the fates of three urbanites. In LOVE TALK, documentarian Shen Ko-Shang asks couples private questions, and in SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET by Lau Kok-Rui, an abandoned boy and a taxi driver, both with experiences of displacement, connect in Hong Kong. In the animated film HAPPYNESS ROAD by Sung Hsing-Yin, student Chi returns home from the US, Chan Chin-Lin‘s depicts a portrait of a family about to fall apart in COO-COO 043, and DAY OFF by Fu Tien-Yu finds home in a hair salon. All of the films are accompanied by talks.

Taiwan Film Festival 2023

Date: 29.09.2023 to 08.10.2023
Location: Central Hackescher Markt

Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin
Phone: 030/28 59 99 73