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Support the Filmrausch

It‘s been discussed a thousand times...and now it is happening. The Kulturfabrik Moabit, which includes the long-established Moabit neighborhood cinema the Filmrauschpalast, is being renovated and a ventilation system with heat recovery is going to be installed. They also need a new platform and new dimmers. The cinema loving team of volunteers who have been working there for 30 years and love showing films in 35 mm – there‘ll be a 35 mm screening of FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL in September – don‘t have the means to pay for all of this on their own. You can find more info about how to support the Filmrauschpalast here: Filmrausch Donations

Support the Filmrausch

Date: 04.09.2021
Location: Filmrauschpalast

Lehrter Str. 35, 10557 Berlin
Phone: 030/394 43 44
Hauptbahnhof + 10 min Fußweg, Bus 123 Kruppstraße, Bus M27 Quitzowstraße