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Wolf Kino

Summer Cinema from Portugal

From August 4th to 8th Wolf Kino will be celebrating portuguese cinema in all its variations. There will be film screening, Q&As and snacks. The films on display have already gathered acclaim at international film festivals and are now presented en bloc for a Berlin audience.
In JACK'S RIDE, former New York cabby Joaquim has to drive across the country one last time before retirement. Everywhere he goes, he finds stagnation while he remembers his past exciting life. AMOR FATI shows how all kinds of couples and pairs can complement each other. A PLEASURE, COMRADES! explores the exciting days after the 1974 Carnation Revolution when people even came from other countries to take part in the restoration of Portugal. The disappearance of women in DESTERRO while they travel to Argentina causes ripples across various lives, and the omnibus film NEW FEMALE VOICES unites three shorts by exciting young filmmmakers.

All films are shown in their OV with english subtitles and most are followed by a Q&A with the director.

Aug 4th, 18:30: AMOR FATI
(Cláudia Varejão, Portugal / France / Switzerland 2020, 102 Min)

Aug 5th, 18:30: JACK'S RIDE
(Susana Nobre, Portugal 2021, 70 Min)

Aug 6th., 18:30: A PLEASURE, COMRADES!
(José Filipe Costa, Portugal 2019, 105 Min)

Aug 7th, 18:00 DESTERRO
(Maria Clara Escobar, Portugal/Brasil/Argentinia 2020, 127 Min)

Aug 8th, 19:00: NEW FEMALE VOICES
(Portugal 2019, 62 Min.)

Summer Cinema from Portugal

Date: 04.08.2022 to 08.08.2022
Location: Wolf Kino

Weserstr. 59, 12045 Berlin
Phone: 030/921 03 93 33