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b!ware Ladenkino, Central

KODEX Documentary Film Festival

The Kodex Documentary Film Festival also wants to explore “liminal spaces.“ The festival takes place in Ladenkino and Central and screens films about the training methods of Russian competitive sports (OVER THE LIMIT Dir: Maria Prus), passers-by in Harlem (FIELD NIGGAS Dir: Khalik Allah), and a voodoo priest in Jerzy Grotowski‘s theater (THE ART OF DISAPPEARING). Two films by directing duo Piotr Rosolowski and Elwira Niewiera are about the life story of film producer Michal Waszynski (THE PRINCE AND THE DYBBUK) and the bizarre circumstances of the domino world championship in Abkhazia (DOMINO EFFECT). Lastly, there will also be a nice doc about bunnies that used to live in the death strips of the Berlin Wall which Piotr Rosolowski shot with Bartosz Konopka in 2009.

KODEX Documentary Film Festival

Date: 01.06.2019 to 05.06.2019
Location: b!ware Ladenkino, Central