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fsk-Kino am Oranienplatz

In Many Imperfect Ways

fsk Kino has curated 6 international films about lesbian women that were only in cinemas for a short time and deserve a second chance in a film series called “In Many Imperfect Ways.“ 3 of them are in English: BECKS is about folk singer Rebecca, nicknamed Becks, who moves back in with her staunchly Catholic mother and gives guitar lessons in St. Louis after her girlfriend cheats on her. In PRINCESS CYD, 16 year old Cyd visits her aunt Ruth and falls in love with the smart waitress Katie while also trying to help Ruth find someone. ANCHOR AND HOPE is set in a house boat in London where Eva and Kat live together. Eva wants a child, Kat is against it.

1st to the 7th of August, You can find the dates at fsk-kino.peripherfilm.de

In Many Imperfect Ways

Date: 01.08.2019 to 07.08.2019
Language: English with German subtitles, Spanish, Polish with German subtitles
Location: fsk-Kino am Oranienplatz

Segitzdamm 2, 10969 Berlin
Phone: 030/614 24 64
U8, Bus M29/140/N8 Moritzplatz, U1 Kottbusser Tor