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Fortsetzung: Folgt/To Be Continued

Startnext Campaign for Berlin Cinemas

22 independent Berlin cinemas and the Yorck Cinemas have joined together to launch a Startnext campaign to call for donations that will preserve the Berlin cinema landscape:
“Cinema is reinvented every day on 73 screens in the capital: from exclusive cinema releases to the craziest festivals and most interesting events through to the big arthouse films. Due to the temporary, involuntary creative break, Berlin art house cinemas are acutely endangered because even though there is no revenue at the moment the fixed costs are still running. Like many other cultural businesses, it is impossible to have the savings to be able to compensate for such losses.“

The campaign will run until mid June. The participants are Acud Kino, Bundesplatz-Kino, Central, City Kino Wedding, Cosima, Eva Lichtspiele, Filmkunst 66, fsk-kino, Hackesche Höfe Kino, IL KINO, Kino im Kulturhaus Spandau, Kino Kiste, Kino in der Königsstadt, Lichtblick-Kino, Moviemento, Sputnik Kino, Tilsiter Lichtspiele, Toni, Union Filmtheater Friedrichshagen, Wolf Kino, Xenon, Zukunft am Ostkreuz & the Yorck Kino group.

Link to campaign: https://www.startnext.com/en/fortsetzungfolgt