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ARETHA FRANKLIN: AMAZING GRACE is a fascinating, dazzling historic document about a career highlight of one of the greatest singers of the 20th century, and about the production of one of her most successful albums. read more

A group of strippers drug and rob patrons of their club, getting rich in the process. It does not take long for internal tensions to arise. read more

THE LIGHTHOUSE, a film about two men whose assignment as lighthouse keepers on a lonely rock island takes longer than planned, till food and alcohol becomes scarce, pulls you into a sense of impending doom and doesn’t let up. read more

Ian McKellen plays con man Roy, who meets recently widowed Betty, played by Helen Mirren. read more

Paul Schrader’s bold, colorful masterpiece receives a timely re-release. read more

Janaina, Joy, Emmy, and Abbie are Berliner girls on the cusp of adulthood in a party and drug haze. They play themselves, more or less. read more

Madeleine Olnek‘s comedy envisions a happy, lesbian private life for poet Emily Dickinson. read more

A physics lecture, a love story, a grief story, a thriller, a tragedy. Nora misses Aron, and Mariko Minoguchi spins a complex web made out of memory and clues in her debut. read more


Thrilling documentary about extreme skiing and snowboarding. read more

A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK is another entry in Woody Allen's list of light urban romantic comedies, following MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, TO ROME WITH LOVE, and VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. read more

Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. 18 year old Euridice Gusmão dreams of a career as a pianist, while her older sister Guida oggles men. When she runs off with a sailor, their parents break up. The sisters begin a search for each other which will span ... read more

Frustrated Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio asks Pope Benedict XVI. to accept his resignation. Instead, the German invites him to the Vatican for some deep conversations. At the end of them, there is a proposal. read more


Loose remake of the 1974 proto slasher. But in 2019 the stalking killer will find young women a far more combative prey than in previous years. read more

Aged superheroes in an Irish retirement home have to reactivate for one last mission. read more

Edward Norton‘s adaptation of Jonathan Lethem‘s exhillarating novel MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN is a good, solid noir film with a great jazz soundtrack. read more

Irish actress and singer Jessie Buckley plays singer Roselynn Harlan, who dreams of performing in Nashville but has to stand on her feet again after being in prison in her hometown Glasgow. read more

90 minutes of water. In liquid and solid form. As ice and steam. The visually stunning essay film shows the element of water in its beauty and in its destructive power. read more

A group of lonely souls find each other in a Christmassy, snowy New York. read more


Yes, the triple trilogy is actually finished now. No, we haven't seen it yet either. But some of us are very excited. read more


Billi is a young New Yorker who loves her grandmother in China very much. When Nai Nai gets cancer, the family doesn‘t want to tell her anything and hastily organize a wedding instead so that everyone can see Nai Nai again. read more

Two men on the lam: 22 year old Zak with Down syndrome and outsider Tyler sail towards Florida on a raft and become friends. read more


Ron Howard's biography of "The People's Tenor" Luciano Pavarotti. read more


Sabu tells three fast-paced stories that are tied to each other, even though nothing fully connects. JAM is shot with a light tone and is definitely very fun. read more


Stanley Nelson‘s film about Miles Davis is one of the better musician's biographies in recent years, without being formally different from the others. read more

Renée Zellweger plays Judy Garland at the end of her career with full commitment walking the fine line between high tension and losing control. read more