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Tomorrow is always too long

A love song to Glasgow, a musical with the intoxicating songs of Welsh songwriter Cate Le Bon, sung by ordinary Glaswegians and played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. An arrestingly funny, moving and poetic film about the things that make ...


It’s as vital as water: films about the things that make life good. A dog that watches bizarre advice shows on TV. An alternative couple in a consultation for expectant parents. He then pushes the baby carriage along a suburb in Scotland. “There aren’t any baked beans anymore,” he says when he comes home to her. “That doesn’t matter, we have enough,” she replies. It’s consummate bliss and they begin to sing some enchanting blue eyed soul, we are in Glasgow after all. We are suddenly in a musical featuring these normal people who are stars, having a child, and taking sexy photos of her pregnant bikini figure. She sings “where the wind licked your face dry” to her baby while he’s outside smoking. Then it’s an old couple on a couch. He talks about how they fell in love but broke up after nine months because she felt she was too young and it broke his heart. A TV counselor tells an outlandish story and then tells the old woman on the couch that two husbands had already died and he rubs his forehead and says that his daughter hopes he is well-insured. It's only 10 minutes into the film and you already want to jump into the night and scream: yeah! Phil Collins! Fuck Yeah! The film gets better with every scene. A young girl sings “No god! No god! and a schoolgirl sings “I won’t die! I won’t die!” When a class is tasked to write about what freedom means to them it says “the right to party” at the top of the page. Yeah! Phil Collins, director! The songs by Cate Le Bon are played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. It’s enough to make you want to drop to your knees.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Original title: Tomorrow is always too long
Großbritannien/Deutschland 2014, 82 min
Language: English
Genre: Animation, Documentary, Essay Film, Musical
Director: Phil Collins
Author: Phil Collins, Ewan Morrison
DOP: Michael McDonough
Montage: Casey Raymond, Cristóvão A. dos Reis
Music: Cate Le Bon
Distributor: Rapid Eye Movies
FSK: 12
Release: 17.03.2016


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