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LOVE LIES BLEEDING is a wild, feminist story that finds emancipatory power in exploitation and horror cinema. read more

Retired history teacher Miss Mia travels to Istanbul to find her niece Tekla, who is trans. Young drifter Achi joins her as a travel companion and translator. read more

A decade after IM SCHATTEN, Thomas Arslan has filmed a sequel: Trojan returns to Berlin and gets involved in art theft. read more


Author Sidonie (Isabelle Huppert) hasn’t written anything since the death of her husband. On a book tour in Japan, she meets a ghost that helps her to let go. read more


KEIN WORT tells of the estrangement between a mother and her son with drama and suspense. read more

With the same cast, Yorgos Lanthimos tells three different yet similar stories about power, egotism, delusion and despair. read more

Respectable professor Gary Johnson is a master of disguise and has a side job working as a pseudo-assassin for the New Orleans police. read more

Third part of the X-Trilogy, following Maxine's further career in Hollywood. read more