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Remember when YouTube didn’t exist? Before 2005, local songwriters used to watch MTV and only dream of having their music video on public television one day. Today, no one needs to dream of this. You just have to do it and press upload. And although it’s easy to upload and watch music videos on YouTube, the algorithm doesn’t always suggest we watch the videos being created by the people living around us. As a result, much of our local culture gets overlooked and our perception of culture gets defined by mainstream music.This event is about connecting local community to their local culture. As much as we all love YouTube, as a digital space, it isn’t able to physically bring local community memebers together in one room. The cinema, however, does.The cinema offers us a physical space where community can meet to watch the films and videos made by people living in Berlin. Most importantly, it has the power to spark an offline conversation about what we are creating, who we are as a community, and what our local culture looks like.

With these words, we warmly welcome you, your date, your family, and your friends to IL KINO to discover 15 Berlin-based songwriters, their original songs, and their music videos. Tickets are only EUR 5€ and available online or at the door. This is a non-profil event, meaning all proceeds will go to creating more SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC events.

The screening will be followed by a social gathering in the lobby. Many of the artists and videographers will be attending the event, and you’re welcome to meet them after the show. We’ll be having drinks and talking about music.

Jasmine LaJeunesse, Black Prez, MGold, Daada, Liz Silex, Mimi Mitina, The Trouble Notes, Adam Wendler, Carlifornia, Nik Dandelion, Hagnäs, Johannes Klingebiel, Leya Valentina, Stephen Paul Taylor, DEANisHOME


Deutschland, 60 min
Language: English
Genre: Vortrag mit Filmbeispielen, Musikvideos



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