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The documentary delves into the background of the arrest and imprisonment of Alexei Navalny in 2021, especially focusing on what happened since the Russian oppositionist was poisoned by agents of the Russian secret service FSB. read more

Jessica (Tilda Swinton) is woken up by a muffled bang. She‘s the only one who can hear the sound. The sound scares her at first, but then she wants to hear it more and more. read more


A teenage pyrokinetic and her father are on the run from a sinister government agency. read more

German-Persian NICO (Sara Fazilat) is brutally attacked on the way home from a party – and with that everything changes for the fun-loving and confident Berliner geriatric nurse. read more

The surreal, historical discourse pop comedy takes the vampire metaphors found in Marx‘ Kapital seriously and interrogates how valid Marxist categories are today. read more


A traumatized Army Ranger has to escort the equally traumatized service dog of a fallen comrade to the latter's funeral. The two bond. read more

A documentary about singer Bettina Wegener. read more


In 1979, a small, ambitious film crew drives to an isolated farm where they plan on filming THE FARMER‘S DAUGHTER, an “artful“ porn. 24 hours after the team‘s arrival, the local sheriff is confronted with the traces of a bloodbath. read more

Documentary about Jim Allison's decade-long struggle to find a cure for cancer, which ultimately led him to receive the 2018 Nobel Prize. read more

Today he‘s a novelist, in the GDR he was a hero of the resistance. Ludger Fuchs applies to look at his Stasi file – and unveils parts of his life that he has suppressed. read more

Bastian Günther‘s feature is about an endurance competition in which participants have to put their hand on an expensive pickup truck for as long as they can. read more


Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is still flying fighter planes against an unnamed nation's MIGs. A new and secret mission has him meet old rivals, sons of friends and new challenges. read more

John Madden‘s OPERATION MINCEMEAT reconstructs the British World War II swindle that was meant to hide the allies‘ plans to invade Sicily. read more

Nine alternating talking men. A questioner. A black background. It‘s about rape fantasies, desires, the role of their own mother, projections, constellations during sex, weaknesses, hopes, feminism. read more


Brit Leonard‘s (Mark Rylance) tailor shop is used as a dead drop by a gangster organization. The tailor soon finds himself caught in the crossfire of rival gangs. read more


Neil (Tim Roth) and Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg) find out about a death in the family while on their luxury vacation in Acapulco. Alice flies back to England, but Neil shirks from returning. read more

Romantic drama/comedy about a 60+-couple who got to know each other over the course of 23 walks with their dogs. But they both harbour secrets. read more