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The Last Waltz


Oleg Karavaichuk, eccentric musical genius and famous St. Petersburg composer, who takes his final stroll through Komarovo, a bay-side summer community just outside St. Petersburg where he spent his whole life and wrote most of his works. Karavaichuk composed music for theater and cinema, including Kira Muratova's "Brief Encounters", and collaborated with Sergei Kuriokhin. He died during the shooting of this film in June of 2016. His final piece, “The Komarovo Waltz”, unveiled here for the very first time, was written as a tribute to the place. The film is the reclusive composer’s eulogy to the community. It also serves as Karavaichuk’s farewell to audience as well as his last address and reminder of things that are truly important – love for your fellow man and unspoiled nature.
(Acud Kino)


Original title: Posledniy vals
RUS 2017, 80 min
Genre: Documentary, Music Films, Porträt
Director: Julia Bobkova
Author: Julia Bobkova


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