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From the concentration camp directly to prison: Hans Hoffmann (Franz Rogowski) is gay and that is still considered a crime in post-war FRG. He meets Viktor (Georg Friedrich) there, who is in prison for murder. read more

FIRST COW is a tender story about the friendship between two men who are different than the Hollywood image of the “pioneers“ of the West. read more

Silent Alexander begins a passionate affair with artist Paula. Shortly after, the beautiful stranger is dead, and Alexander loses it. read more


Forger Vincent and the somewhat naive Nils steal Malewitsch‘s “The Black Square“ and flee on a cruise ship. A surreal ensemble crime film with a touch of Wes Anderson. read more

RESPECT isn‘t the worst music biopic, as long as you don‘t expect a historically accurate depiciton of the life of soul legend, feminist, and civil rights icon Aretha Franklin. read more

22 year old Dominique isn‘t attracted to anyone as much as he‘s attracted to himself. When he discovers that he has a twin who grew up in a monastery, a wild melodrama is set into motion. read more


A piece of old school Americana: the last night of a bar, somewhere in the outskirts of Las Vegas, where all the bar flies hang out in the place that has become their second (or only) living room for one last time. read more


Max joins the Jewish partisan group “Nakam“ after the war. They plan on poisoning the drinking water of German big cities and killing six million German civilians as revenge for the murdered Jews. read more


The reserved, very controlled people that this adaptation of a Haruki Murakami short story depicts are very slow to open up. The moments in which pure emotion breaks through are that much more staggering because of it. read more

The story of the painting “Salvator Mundi,“ painted by Leonardo da Vinci, or perhaps not, is a documentary thriller about art, business, and politics. read more