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Heikos Welt – Heiko's World

North Berliner local bar hero Heiko has to win at darts in order to be able to pay for his mother‘s eye surgery.


Heiko isn‘t that young any more, he has a big belly and doesn‘t have a job or a girlfriend. But Heiko isn‘t unhappy. His mother, whom he lives with in Gesundbrunnen, lovingly takes care of him, and he occasionally sells off watches or drill machines that have fallen off trucks which gives him enough money for his daily bar visit. But then a catrastrophe happens: mom‘s eyes keep getting worse! If she doesn‘t get an expensive operation soon, she will become blind. Luckily, Heiko has a secret talent: if he has enough Futschis (brandy & cola) in his system, he‘s an ace at billiard. There‘s a big billiard competition at the bar next week. The 5,000 euro prize is enough to buy mom some new eyes. Almost at the goal, someone gets in Heiko‘s way. A young woman is the only one who can beat Heiko, and if she doesn‘t take part in the competition, he has to help her with something big. The Heiko character comes from a YouTube series about a north Berliner (who I couldn‘t warm up to) and included north Berlin rap (which was even less appealing) and north Berlin beer (which was somewhat better). HEIKOS WELT could‘ve easily been cringy and flat, yet Heiko is a charismatic and relatable figure and the film, with its gently keyed-up social realism, shows a world in which not much has changed in the past 50 years and that still believes in the good guys winning and love. Guest stars like Franz Rogowski play neighborhood characters who seem like caricatures but can definitely be found in neighborhood pubs. When the plot becomes more dramatic and absurd in its second half, Heiko doesn‘t just save his mom‘s eyesight, he also becomes the defender of the right of all bar flies to be a king for one night.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Original title: Heikos Welt – Heiko's World
Deutschland 2021, 118 min
Language: German
Genre: Comedy
Director: Dominik Galizia
Author: Dominik Galizia
DOP: Elias C. J. Köhler
Distributor: UCM.One
Cast: Martin Rohde, Leyla Roy, Heike Hanold-Lynch, Hans-Jürgen Alf
FSK: 12
Release: 26.05.2022



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  • OmU Original with German subtitles
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English/with English subtitles
All languages

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