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Everything Will Change

It‘s the year 2054. At a junk shop, Ben, Fini and Cherry come across videos containing old animal shows. They watch the giraffes and elephants in disbelief, unsure if this yet another example of fake news...


EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE is a propaganda film and doesn‘t hide it. It‘s the year 2054. The cities look like a mixture between BLADE RUNNER and a vintage store (which surely also has to do with the budget), and there‘s a monocultural wasteland in the countryside. The predominant color is red. It seems to signal toxicity and water shortage. There are barely any nature sounds, since most animals disappeared in the sixth big extinction which occurred in the 2020s. Ben, Fini and Cherry come across videos with old animal shows at a junk shop. They observe giraffes and elephants in disbelief, unsure if this is yet another example of fake news. They decide to investigate and land in a secret bunker that doesn‘t just contain documentary material from 50 years of nature documentaries, but also numerous – real – experts and witnesses like marine biologist Prof. Mojib Latif and filmmaker Wim Wenders. They talk about how beautiful the planet was at the beginning of the millennium, how quickly animal extinction changed everything and how quickly humanity adjusted to the species poverty. You can‘t miss what you don‘t know. The predictable plot is crudely tacked on and primarily serves as a vehicle for animal footage and a platform for expertise and facts. Apocalyptic montages with big-game hunting scenes and animals escaping from forest fires have the subtlety of a PETA campaign. However, the central idea is moving, especially the experts statements when they talk about the present in past form. The grief over the looming irrecoverable losses are deeply felt. The situation is precarious.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Deutschland/Niederlande 2021, 93 min
Language: German, English
Genre: Semi-documentary Film, Drama, Science Fiction
Director: Marten Persiel
Author: Marten Persiel, Aisha Prigann
DOP: Felix Leiberg
Montage: Maxine Goedicke, Bobby Good
Music: Gary Marlowe
Distributor: farbfilm Verleih
Cast: Noah Saavedra, Jessamine-Bliss Bell, Paul G Raymond, Wim Wenders, Markus Imhoof
FSK: 12
Release: 14.07.2022



  • OV Original version
  • OmU Original with German subtitles
  • OmeU Original with English subtitles
English/with English subtitles
All languages

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