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Die Migrantigen

Benny and Marko are integrated migrant hipsters from Vienna. When they are approached by a TV team searching for protagonists for a social flashpoint documentary, they see their chance to become TV famous and pretend to be unemployed small-time ...


Benny (Faris Endris Rahoma) and Marko (Aleksandar Petrovic) are Viennese hipsters who are in the middle of carrying an old couch in the neighborhood when a reporter who is shooting a right-wing populist pseudo-documentary about their neighborhood sees them. She needs a few authentic migrants for the requisite scare and approaches them and says “you’re migrants, right?” since Benny has black hair and Marko just talked in a bit of Austrian street slang. Benny is actually an actor and Marko is an ad exec, but Marko is broke and Benny would prefer to play a native Viennese rather than an Arab cab driver but only gets the cab driver jobs because of his appearance. They play along at first because they think it could be fun and think the TV channel has a lot of money.

DIE MIGRANTIGEN by Arman T. Riahi is more successful and funnier than many other migrant comedies because everyone is faking it. Marko and Benny have to research about migrants and find a group of men that pretend to be hardcore gangsters but are really decent men with jobs and families. It is only this double cliché simulation that satisfies the TV team in the end. The Viennese moodiness that pops up at every corner and the great slapstick moments are fun as well. DIE MIGRANTIGEN isn’t a masterpiece of political film or media criticism, but it’s a great comedy that isn’t stupid for a change, and that’s already something.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Österreich 2017, 98 min
Genre: Comedy
Director: Arman T. Riahi
Author: Arman T. Riahi, Aleksandar Petrovic, Faris Rahoma
DOP: Mario Minichmayr
Montage: Cordula Werner, Arman T. Riahi
Music: Karwan Marouf
Distributor: Camino
Cast: Doris Schretzmayer, Aleksandar Petrovic, Faris Rahoma, Daniela Zacherl
FSK: 12
Release: 07.09.2017


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