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Something Else

Something Else | USA 2019 | Horror, Romance Films | Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella

Abby has left him and lonely Hank gets close to going mad during the nights in his forest cabin. A monster is roving about.

After Midnight (aka Something Else)

After Midnight (aka Something Else) | USA 2019 | Drama, Horror | Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella | 16

The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache

Be Natural: The Untold Story Of Alice Guy-Blanché | USA 2018 | Documentary, Biography | Pamela B. Green | oA

Parisian filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché filmed her debut film LA FEÉ AUX CHOUX one year after the first film premiere of the Lumière Brothers in 1895. Later on she founded her own studio, “Solax,“ in the US.

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

USA 2022 | Fantasy, Drama | Ana Lily Amirpour | 16

The feminist horror comedy gleefully deconstructs gender stereotypes and the shrill but warm characters, cool 90s neon look and the propelling techno sound merge into a fantastic trip.

The Possession of Hannah Grace

USA 2018 | Horror, Thriller | Diederik Van Rooijen | 16

A shocking exorcism spirals out of control, claiming the life of a young woman. Months later, police officer Megan Reed is working the graveyard shift in the morgue...


USA 2018 | Semi-documentary Film, Porträt | Julie Cohen, Betsy West | oA

The documentary reconstructs Ruth Bader Ginsberg‘s aka “The Notorious RBG‘s“ path to the Supreme Court and becoming a role model with medial flashbacks and interviews.


Österreich/Deutschland/Frankreich 2022 | Drama | Ulrich Seidl | 12

Michael Thomas sings and plays pop singer Richie Bravo moves around wintery Rimini. While the Adriatic coast is packed with tourists in the summer, there are now wisps of fog. Snow is falling on the palm trees and refugees are crouching under beach ...

Servus Papa – See You in Hell

Servus Papa – See You in Hell | Deutschland 2022 | Drama | Christopher Roth

The screenplay of SERVUS PAPA is based on the memories of Jeanne Tremsal, who grew up in the AAO commune of Otto Mühl.

Wir könnten genauso gut tot sein: We Might As Well Be Dead

Wir könnten genauso gut tot sein: We Might As Well Be Dead | Deutschland/Rumänien 2021 | Drama | Natalia Sinelnikova | 12

In a hostile world, the residents of a building complex shield themselves from the outside and bully neighbours in the building who break the rules.

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