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Last Days in the Desert

Last Days in the Desert | USA 2015 | Adventure, Drama, History | Rodrigo Garcia | 12

The Operative

The Operative | USA/Deutschland/Israel/Frankreich 2019 | Agentenfilm, Thriller | Yuval Adler | 16

One day Rachel, a missing spy for the Mossad, reports back. A story of a woman who was deployed in increasingly more reckless ways for unknown purposes unfolds in her supervisor‘s report to his superior.

Anna and the Apocalypse

Anna and the Apocalypse | Großbritannien 2017 | Horror, Comedy, Musical | John McPhail | 16

A Christmas teen zombie apocalypse musical.


USA 2017 | Drama, Romance Films | Timothy McNeil | NEW RELEASE

The Assistant

The Assistant | USA 2019 | Kitty Green

Jane, assistant to a choleric, elusive producer suspects that something untoward is happening at the office. But will she act on that suspicion?

Atomic Blonde

USA 2017 | Agentenfilm, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | David Leitch | 16

Baby Driver

USA/Großbritannien 2017 | Action, Music Films, Love-story | Edgar Wright | 16

Baby is the best getaway driver in the city. He always listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. He just has one more heist to pull off – then he’s free. An action musical from Edgar Wright (SHAUN OF THE DEAD).


Bait | Großbritannien 2019 | Drama | Mark Jenkin

Director Mark Jenkin tells a tale of gentrification of Cornwall in grainy 16mm black and white that‘s jumpy and scratched. Martin, a fisherman without a boat, has to renovate the house of newly arrived Londoners, but he has his own plans.


USA 2019 | Horror | Joe Begos

Dezzy, an artist going through an artistic block and looming homelessness experiences increasingly extreme fragments of a hellish trip between her blackouts after taking a new super drug.

Bohemian Rhapsody

USA/Großbritannien 2018 | Biography, Drama, Music Films | Dexter Fletcher, Bryan Singer | 6

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY tells the story of Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury against the backdrop of the band Queen.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Runs a Marathon | USA 2019 | Drama | Paul Downs Colaizzo | 6

At 27 Brittany decides to stop the unhealthy party life and prepares for a marathon.


USA 2020 | Horror, Literary Film Adaptations | Nia DaCosta | 16

Nia DaCosta‘s CANDYMAN is both a sequel and a revision of Bernard Rose‘s horror classic CANDYMAN from 1992, which was progressive in terms of Black visibility in horror, but was told from a White perspective.


Censor | Großbritannien 2021 | Horror | Prano Bailey-Bond | 16

England, at the height of the “video nasty“ era in the mid 80s. Enid works at the censorship board and evaluates horror films, but ends up going deeper and deeper into her own nightmare.

The Dark and the Wicked

The Dark and the Wicked | USA 2020 | Horror | Bryan Bertino | 16

Director Bryan Bertino (THE STRANGERS) uses elements from the haunted house films of the last 30 years and keeps heightening the scares right until it reaches the last confrontation revolving around old David Straker‘s soul


Edie | Großbritannien 2017 | Drama | Simon Hunter | oA

Edie Moore took care of her paralyzed husband for 30 years. When he dies, the octogenarian continues with her daily routine – until an old postcard falls into her lap and she remembers an old dream of hers.


USA 2015 | Drama | Rick Alverson | 16

A roadtrip – through the desert, into despair. Loosely based on Gregg Turkington’s “Neil Hamburger“ character, it is funny in the same way that ERASERHEAD is heartwarming.


Erde | Österreich 2019 | Documentary | Nikolaus Geyrhalter

ERDE is the most beautiful film about the end of humanity since Lars von Trier‘s MELANCHOLIA. Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter shows the enormous changes that Earth goes through because of people in seven chapters.


IT (2017) | USA 2017 | Horror | Andres Muschietti | 16

A group of kids are confronted with evil clown Pennywise in this Stephen King adaptation.

Ex Libris: New York Public Library

Ex Libris: New York Public Library | USA 2017 | Documentary | Frederick Wiseman | oA

A documentary about New York's public library.

The Fare

USA 2018 | Phantastischer Film, Mystery, Love-story | D.C. Hamilton | 12

SciFi-mystery about a cab driver and his fare caught in a time-loop.

Flux Gourmet

GB/USA/H 2022 | Comedy | Peter Strickland

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary | USA 2019 | Horror, Literary Film Adaptations | Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer | 16

Thirty years after Mary Lambert's film adaptation of King’s novel, PET SEMATARY rises again. But something is off about it.

The Greatest Showman On Earth

The Greatest Showman On Earth | USA 2017 | Musical, Biography, Love Stories | Michael Gracey | 6

An all-singing, all-dancing biography about circus impresario P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and his rise to fame. About as nutritious and addictive as a large tub of buttered popcorn.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge | AUS/USA 2016 | Drama, War Film | Mel Gibson | 16

Desmond Doss insists on going to rhe army though he refuses to use a weapon for religious reasons. He is successful and finds himself unarmed in May 1945 in one of the bloodiest offensives of the Pacific War.

The House By The Cemetery

Quella villa accanto al cimitero | Italien 1981 | Horror | Lucio Fulci

A cinematic re-release of the video nasty from 1981. A scientist tries to find out the reasons for his mentor’s suicide. What he finds is a spooky girl, a rabid bat, and a homicidal maniac. There is also some blood.

Hell or High Water

USA 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Social Drama, Western | David Mackenzie | 12

A neo Western about two lowlifes who rob banks in order to buy back their Ma’s farm. Jeff “TRUE GRIT” Bridges is the Sheriff who is after them. Nick Cave made the music.

In the Middle of the River

USA 2018 | Western, Familientragödie, Sociological Film | Damian John Harper | 16

War veteran Gabriel returns to New Mexico from Iraq as an injured and traumatized man in a world shaped by drugs, violence, and racism. Gabriel has to find out who killed his sister here.

Jojo Rabbit

USA 2019 | Youth Film, Comedy, Slapstick | Taika Waititi | 12

Ten-year-old Jojo discovers that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl. Not even his imaginary friend Hitler knows what to do. Taika Waititi‘s garish comedy offers jokes in volleys, but it also contains an emotionally moving story.

Knives Out

Knives Out | USA 2019 | Crime Drama, Sociological Film, Black Comedy | Rian Johnson | 12

A homage to good old-fashioned whodunnits including a famous victim, a dysfunctional family, and a flamboyant master detective (Daniel Craig) with the nice name of Benoit Blanc.

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns | USA 2018 | Family Film, Fantasy, Music Films | Rob Marshall | oA

While the original Banks children have now grown up, there’s a new generation of Banks children in need of Mary’s particular brand of whimsy, and so, Mary Poppins… um... returns

Ma vie de Courgette

Ma vie de courgette | Frankreich 2016 | Animation, Children's Film | Claude Barras | 6

Icare, nicknamed ‘Courgette‘, has to live in a home after accidentally killing his mother. The other children there come from similarly difficult families and he soon makes friends. Brave Camille especially catches his eye. The sweetest film ...

Men (2022)

Men | USA 2022 | Drama, Science Fiction, Horror | Alex Garland | 16

Harper has come to the countryside to recover from her relationship with an aggressive partner, but the men in the rural idyll aren‘t particularly sympathetic either. Modern folk horror directed by Alex Garland.


GB 2020 | Drama | Andrew Levitas

Johnny Depp as the former war photographer Eugene Smith sent to the fishing town of Minamata to report on a spate of birth defects and illness amongst the population.

Mr. Jones: Red Secrets – Im Fadenkreuz Stalins

Mr. Jones (2019) | PL/GB/UA 2019 | Biography, Historical Film, Drama | Agnieszka Holland

The Peanut Butter Falcon

USA 2019 | Roadmovie, Comedy, Sportfilm | Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz | 12

Two men on the lam: 22 year old Zak with Down syndrome and outsider Tyler sail towards Florida on a raft and become friends.

Plan A: Nakam

Deutschland/Israel 2021 | Drama | Yoav Paz, Doron Paz | 12

Max joins the Jewish partisan group “Nakam“ after the war. They plan on poisoning the drinking water of German big cities and killing six million German civilians as revenge for the murdered Jews.

Queen of Earth

USA 2015 | Drama | Alex Ross Perry

After a traumatic experience, two good friends meet for their annual vacation at an idyllic lake house. The period of recuperation soon spirals into personal disintegration.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Deutschland/ Kanada/ Frankreich/ Australien 2016 | Paul W.S. Anderson

The franchise that wouldn’t die walks again. Alice has 48 hours to return to the Hive and release the antivirus to save humanity. More of the same but the second-best installment P.W.S. Anderson has directed.


Großbritannien 2019 | Drama, Biography, Music Films | Dexter Fletcher | 12

The ultimate Elton John musical: prioritizing energy and fun over historical accuracy. ROCKETMAN gaily races through the life of Elton John from his youth until 1983.

Score: A Film Music Documentary

Score: A Film Music Documentary | USA 2016 | Documentary, Film about film-making | Matt Schrader | 12

SCORE investigates the development of film music with the musicians who had a major impact on the field.

Stan & Ollie

Großbritannien/USA/Kanada 2018 | Drama, Geschichte einer Freundschaft, Biography | Jon S. Baird

When Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy embark on a theater tour across Britain in 1953, their glory days seem to be behind them and their artistic relationship is also strained.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

The Strangers: Prey at Night | USA 2018 | Horror | Johannes Roberts | 16

Where Does A Body End?

Where Does A Body End? | Kanada 2019 | Documentary, Biography, Music Films | Marco Porsia | 12

In his documentary about the industrial-noise-rock band Swans, director Marco Borsia chooses to focus on band founder Michael Gira.


Taurus | USA 2022 | Tim Sutton


USA/Großbritannien/Kanada 2020 | Action, Science Fiction | Christopher Nolan | 12

For the most part, TENET is a fun two-and-a-half hours of sci-fi spy-thriller immersion. For better and worse, it finds Nolan in pure entertainment mode while also going all-in on his chrono fetish.

Trouble Every Day

Frankreich 2001 | Drama, Erotic Film, Horror | Claire Denis | 18

A glamorous couple arrives in Paris, a biker picks up a beautiful, enraptured woman in a parking lot. Claire Denis‘ film with Vincent Gallo, Beatrice Dalle, and music by the Tindersticks.

The Two Sights

CDN/GB 2020 | Documentary, Essay Film | Joshua Bonetta

Canadian filmmaker Joshua Bonetta was making a film examining the sounds of the Scottish Hebrides when he came upon the long-held belief that the Hebrides are a “soft place” where the borders between the living and the passed-on are less clear.

Vicious Fun

USA 2020 | Horror, Comedy | Cody Calahan

Horror journalist Joel wakes up in a closed bar where serial killers are having a self-help seminar. Everyone has set their sights on him. A horror comedy.

The Viewing Booth

IL/USA 2019 | Semi-documentary Film | Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters | Großbritannien 2017 | Action, Thriller, Crime Drama, Science Fiction | Tommy Wirkola | 16

A strict one-child rule has been introduced because the world population has exploded and resources are dwindling. The septuplets Monday, Tuesday, and so on pretend to be one person in order not to get caught.

What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy

My Nazi Legacy | Großbritannien 2015 | Documentary, Familiy History, War Film | David Evans

Philippe Sands, born in 1960, lost almost his entire family in an area controlled by Nazi officers Hans Frank and Otto Wächter. He travels with the sons of both of them and goes to the places where their fathers ruled.

Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next | USA 2015 | Documentary | Michael Moore | 12

Michael Moore ‚invades‘ European countries in order to ‚steal‘ solutions for American problems from them. May contain traces of idealism.


Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built | USA/Australien 2018 | Horror, Historical Film | Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig | 16

An Australian horror film with Helen Mirren.

X (2022)

X | USA 2022 | Horror | Ti West

In 1979, a small, ambitious film crew drives to an isolated farm where they plan on filming THE FARMER‘S DAUGHTER, an “artful“ porn. 24 hours after the team‘s arrival, the local sheriff is confronted with the traces of a bloodbath.


Belgien 2019 | Splatter, Comedy | Lars Damoiseaux | 18

Zombie outbreak in a dodgy eastern European beauty clinic.

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