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A Perception

Hermes Phettberg, who used to be famous for his outrageous size, sexual tastes and TV appearances, plays the severely handicapped Graf Hohenlohe who tries to murder his son and adopt his pretty aid Jean-Jacques in this artsy no budget production.


Hermes Phettberg was a TV moderator for a while. “Nett Leit” was on for 2 years on 3Sat and Phettberg, 150 kg at the time, would speak eloquently about his self-hatred, his gluttony, and his sexual compulsions and subsequently became a cult figure. Then, he had three strokes and the fame disappeared. He lost half his weight and speaking became difficult. If you google his name the first line you’ll read is “Hermes Phettberg dead.” He is actually still alive and actor Daniel Pfander was able to convince him to be part of a self-financed film. A PERCEPTION only had one video camera, almost no lighting, and no sound engineering, but it does have the stately farm house which belongs to Pfander’s family. That’s where the disabled Count Hohenlohe (Phettberg) lives with his young caregiver Jean-Jaques and his 2-legged dog Agathe (Since Phettberg was one of the co-founders of the Viennese BDSM initiative it’s important to clarify that this is a real dog!). He likes seeing naked bodies but otherwise would prefer to die and be buried underneath the old oak tree. If only his stupid son was dead. He could then adopt his handsome caregiver and he could fuck and continue the bloodline. Jean-Jacques is tasked to kill the son that is going to visit his father soon with cocaine, a not-so-young sex worker, and a very young daughter in tow. The actors undress numerous times but the spectacle is always Phettberg who stutters throughout the film while presenting his worn-out body as he watches the events unfold while sometimes giving commands like “sit on his face!”. If you say so.


Translation: Elinor Lewy


Deutschland 2015, 82 min
Genre: Drama, Familiy History
Director: Daniel Pfander
Author: Daniel Pfander
Cast: Hermes Phettberg, Henning Gronkowski, Rainer Meifert, Paulina Weiner, Hanni Bergesch
Release: 31.12.2015



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English/with English subtitles
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