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The cyber agent thriller takes its destruction of reality seriously. There‘s no reliable savior here, no ultimate truth, just the next transitional reality made up of 80s pop culture, Afrofuturism, Estonian brutalism, and Spanish chiptune music. read more


A kaleidoscope-like image of Billie Holiday emerges out of around 200 hours of tape and casette recordings of interviews with the singer‘s friends and companions. read more

Director Andrew Ahn gently shows how three lonley people – single parent Kathy, her 8 year old son Cody, and Del, a veteran from the neighboring property – get closer to each other in an American suburb. read more

Grace‘s (Annette Bening) life gets torn apart when her husband Edward (Bill Nighy) reveals that he wants to separate after 29 years of marriage because he has met another woman. read more

A psychotherapist is haunted by works of art, so expert thieves are hired to steal the images haunting him. read more

Alison, the wife of a career climber, the very ambitious stockbroker Rory, begins to understand that her husband‘s hunger for success takes on an increasingly toxic role in their family life. read more

Canadian filmmaker Joshua Bonetta was making a film examining the sounds of the Scottish Hebrides when he came upon the long-held belief that the Hebrides are a “soft place” where the borders between the living and the passed-on are less clear. read more

Woman from different countries talk about their lives in front of a neutral, black background in portrait shots. What does their life story, body awareness, their own experience of being a woman in this world mean to them? read more

In the middle of the restrictive environment of a Christian fundamentalist school in the 90s, 16 year old Alice discovers that she‘s interested in sex. read more


Wyld Stallyns ride again to save the universe. read more

Documentary looking at Black representation in horror films, examining NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, CANDYMAN and GET OUT, amongst others. There is far more to it than "Black dude dies first". read more

Portrait of the environmental activist and face of "Fridays For Future", Greta Thunberg. read more

Documentary taking in the highs and lows in the career of Montgomery Clift, Hollywood-star and queer icon. Co-directed by Clift's nephew Robert. read more

A romantic holiday in a remote BEACH HOUSE turns sinister for two couples when they find themselves under attack from.... things. read more

Sequel to THE CRAFT (1996). Again, a young girl arrives at a new school and finds her crowd with a trio of selfproclaimed weirdos who are into magick. read more

When fearless Sam applies for a position at Montgomery's mortuary, he is impressed by her fascination with the morbid, but soon the young woman realizes that it's best to let the dead rest in peace. read more

Legal drama based on the true story of a group of anti-war protesters at the 1968 Democratic Party conference. read more