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A group of friends visit a haunted house, which advertises itself as extreme. All of a sudden, their nightmares become deadly real. read more

A young lawyer is looking for love but ends up witnessing a murder. read more

In painterly images of great tranquility and beauty with volcanic passion just beneath the surface, Céline Sciamma has made one of the most beautiful love stories seen in years. read more

A group of teens find a book of scary stories, and soon find themselves the main characters in them. And as none of them end well for its protagonists... read more


A documentary about a big jazz festival in Cairo. read more

The zombie-killing almost-a-family is back. On a roadtrip they encounter evolved zombies, competitive survivors and love. They are headed for Las Vegas after all. read more

Roland Emmerich's MIDWAY feels like a throwback to a bygone era of moviemaking. read more

The morning begins like any other for Lara Jenkins. But today is a very special day for her: not only is it her 60th birthday, but her son Viktor is giving a big solo piano concert. He hasn't invited his mother. read more

An intimate portrait of tango revolutionary Astor Piazzola in super 8 family films, recordings of conversations with his daughter Diana from the 80s, and current stories from his son Daniel. read more

HUMAN NATURE condenses the polarizing discourse about CRISPR/Cas technology into an informative and thrilling documentary. read more

After the fall of the wall, before reunification. While the family fights over their dispossessed home in the GDR, teenagers Katja and Thorben get closer. read more

THE REPORT is a dramatization of how one man created the largest paper trail investigation in the history of the U.S. Senate — the 6,000-page Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture. read more

Nick Broomfield (KURT & COURTNEY, WHITNEY - CAN I BE ME) follows the relationship of Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen from its beginnings on the Greek island of Hydra to Marianne's death. read more

Australian director Damon Gameau travelled across the world looking for climate change solutions. read more


A Chinese family epic spanning three decades. The private and the political meld together at a time of constant change. read more

Eva is what is called an “influencer,“ a term that is often used disparagingly. But you could also say: she is an artist with internet access. read more

A men‘s film: in 1966 the Ford company, known for its tasteful family cars, challenged Ferrari‘s leading position as a race car manufacturer. read more

When Petrunya disturbs an all male ritual and fishes a holy cross out of the local river all hell breaks loose in a Macedonian town. read more

Documenting a unique recording and the travels that inspired it. read more

Isabelle and James are in the middle of a divorce and an acrimonious custody battle over their daughter Zoe when she suddenly falls seriously ill. read more

Homeless Melli is stringently working towards returning to the old security her and her son had. But the smallest misfortune, the tiniest deviation, could lead to a chain reaction that would cause her to lose everything. read more

A documentary about people in Bangladesh making their living off of bamboos. read more

Beate, a successful chemist, is at odds with the ruling GDR ideology. After the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, she hopes for a new beginning in Iran with her husband Omid, an Iranian diplomat. read more

Biography of mafia hitman Frank Sheeran. Starring Robert De Niro and directed by Martin Scorsese. read more


Anna, Elsa and their friends have to set off to an enchanted forest, after a mysterious call goes out to Elsa, which may hold the secret to her powers as well as to bringing back their parents. read more


Cate Blanchett is Bernadette Fox. Once a celebrated architect in LA, she is now a feared, eccentric neighbor and mother in Seattle. read more

Paul and Astrid want to spend a romantic weekend in Hungary, but when Astrid recognizes one of the other hotel guests as her childhood sweetheart, the couple‘s trip turns into a trip to the past. read more

Keira Knightley plays whistleblower Katharine Gun, who unveils the attempt of the British secret service to push the Iraq War. read more


Not much is known about Angelo Soliman, one of the few Afro-Europeans in the 18th century. Markus Schleinzer‘s ANGELO tries to tell his tragic story without simulating historicity. read more

ARETHA FRANKLIN: AMAZING GRACE is a fascinating, dazzling historic document about a career highlight of one of the greatest singers of the 20th century, and about the production of one of her most successful albums. read more

A physics lecture, a love story, a grief story, a thriller, a tragedy. Nora misses Aron, and Mariko Minoguchi spins a complex web made out of memory and clues in her debut. read more