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The restrained, affectionate documentary TINA tells the story of Tina Turner from her early success, to the abuse she suffered at the hands of Ike Turner, up until her comeback. read more



The adventures of the Abbott family continues. The sound-sensitive monsters are not the only threat they are facing. read more


NOMADLAND centers on Fern (Frances McDormand), a silent, restless woman who becomes one of the “nomads“ after the death of her husband. The community lives in trailers at the margins of society leading a life that‘s somewhere between poverty ... read more

Rosa, in her mid 40s, leaves her big city life behind and reopens her mother‘s village tailor shop. In order to celebrate the beginning of the rest of her life, she wants to get marry to herself. read more

A psychotherapist is haunted by works of art, so expert thieves are hired to steal the images haunting him. read more

An innovative body horror film directed by Cronenberg‘s son Brandon Cronenberg. Agent Tasya Vos assassinates people while inhabiting the bodies of selected hosts. Her employer is a mysterious organisation whose interests are motivated by power and ... read more


Alison, the wife of a career climber, the very ambitious stockbroker Rory, begins to understand that her husband‘s hunger for success takes on an increasingly toxic role in their family life. read more