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Those who grow up in Staten Island want to leave – everyone but 24 year old Scott that is, who is so lethargic that he‘s satisfied with smoking joints all the time and spending evenings in front of his computer. read more


Cops are being haunted by the spirit of a young boy killed illegally. read more

Supernatural thriller with evil forces. Based on a comic. read more

Political satire by Jon Stewart about a mayoral election in a backwater Wisconsin town. read more


Film adaptation of the self-help book by Rhonda Byrne read more

Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa), a Christian singer, struggles with his faith after his wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer. read more

Leo (Javier Bardem), who suffers from advanced brain atrophy, a kind of dementia. He spends his days under the bed covers in his barren New York apartment while his daughter Molly (Elle Fanning) tries to look after him. read more

Gregor Erler has made an impressive, tough genre film: Dietmar has spent half his life in his Berlin apartment that is now supposed to get renovated. When the new broker goes to Dietmar‘s apartment, the situation escalates. read more

14-year-old Nola has body issues and shuts herself off more and more while her older sister goes out on the town. This changes when Nola falls for the new girl in class. read more


Hipster-blogger travels to Russia to find more extreme content and winds up in an Escape Room. But will he be able to escape or will blood be shed? read more

US screenwriter, director, and protagonist Michael Angelo Covino shows a male friendship in eight chapters that has highs and many, many lows through the years – and yet still survives. read more


Drama about a twelve-year-old going missing and the effect it has on her family. read more

SciFi-mistery about a cab driver and his fare caught in a time-loop. read more

How Ruth K. Westheimer, born 1928 in Wiesenfeld/Karlstadt, became the No. 1 person for America to turn to in questions of sex. read more