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Anselm | Deutschland 2023 | Documentary | Wim Wenders

A summit of two great artists: Wim Wenders has made a 3D film about Anselm Kiefer and his large-format art.


Submergence | USA 2018 | Drama, Thriller | Wim Wenders | 12

A MI6 agent pretending to be a hydraulic engineer and a deep-sea researcher fall in love on the Norman beach. He is then captured by Islamists and she submerges in the Nordic Sea.


USA 1978-1982 | Crime Drama | Wim Wenders | 12

Wings of Desire

Der Himmel über Berlin | BRD/Frankreich 1986 | Drama | Wim Wenders | 6

Otto Sander and Brunco Ganz as angels watching over Berlin. Wim Wender‘s poetic film is also a historic document of the city before the fall of the Wall.

Pope Francis: A Man of His Word

Pope Francis – A Man of his Word | USA 2018 | Biography, Documentary | Wim Wenders | oA

Wim Wenders filmed a documentary about the current pope on behalf of the Vatican. He searches for references to his namesake Francis of Assisi who preached about modesty and humbleness and also lived that way.

Paris Texas

Paris Texas | BRD/F/GB 1984 | Roadmovie | Wim Wenders | 6

Harry Dean Stanton plays Travis, a man who disappeared after losing his life, his wife, and his child only to reappear in a Texan hick town in the middle of nowhere. His brother picks him up and a long trip across the US and into the past ensues. ...

Perfect Days

Japan/Deutschland 2023 | Drama | Wim Wenders

Hirayama lives a quiet and content life cleaning public toilets and taking delight at the small things he encounters each day.

The Soul of a Man (The Blues I)

USA 2003 | Documentary, Music Films | Wim Wenders | oA

Wim Wenders, Desperado

Deutschland 2020 | Documentary, Biography | Eric Friedler, Andreas Frese | 12

An intimate documentary about the legendary director.

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