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Bergman Island

Frankreich 2021 | Drama | Mia Hansen-Løve | 12

A filmmaking couple spends a summer in Fårö, the chosen home and place of longing of director Ingmar Bergman. Hansen-Løve interlaces the narrative layers with Bergman themes and motifs with uncanny assuredness.


Österreich/ Deutschland/ Luxemburg/ Frankreich 2022 | Drama, Historical Film | Marie Kreutzer | 12

Every day the corset is laced and the hair is brushed for hours. Austrian empress Elisabeth (Sisi) keeps getting thinner and more headstrong. She resists the pressures of the court, rides horses for hours, goes travelling.


Old | USA 2021 | Thriller | M. Night Shyamalan | 16

In M. Night Shyamalan's latest thriller a group of people are trapped on a beach which makes them age rapidly. And they're also being watched.

Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread | USA 2017 | Drama, Love-story, Historical Film | Paul Thomas Anderson | 6

An opulently filmed gothic romance about a perfectionist fashion designer (Daniel Day-Lewis) and his young lover Alma who dares to defy the master.

The Survivor

USA 2021 | Drama | Barry Levinson

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