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Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading | USA 2008 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Ethan Coen, Joel Coen | 12

Spy comedy by the Coen Brothers about various more or less dimwitted characters following schemes to get rich.


GB 1986 | Biography | Derek Jarman | 12

Dating Queen

Trainwreck | USA 2015 | Judd Apatow

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Großbritannien 2019 | Drama, Comedy, Literary Film Adaptations | Armando Iannucci | 6

Armando Iannucci tones the melodrama down and turns the comedy up in his lively new adaptation of the semi-autobiographical classic without losing Dickens‘ social-revolutionary message on the way.

The Dead Don't Die

USA 2019 | Horror, Comedy | Jim Jarmusch

Even though the name of the US president isn‘t mentioned, demagogue Trump, his followers, and the insidious decay of values and moral inevitably come to mind in Jarmusch‘s meta zombie film.


GB 2008 | Documentary | Isaac Julien

A documentary about Derek Jarman directed by Isaac Julien.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange | USA 2016 | Adventure, Action, Comic book movie | Scott Derrickson | 12

The life of neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange drastically changes after a bad car accident. He gets healed by the mysterious Kamar-Taj and he quickly realizes that the battle against invisible dark powers have to be fought.

The French Dispatch

USA/Deutschland 2020 | Comedy | Wes Anderson | 12

In his most recent film Wes Anderson tells stories about the last edition of an imaginary American magazine in an imaginary French town.

The Garden

The Garden | GB/BRD 1990 | Experimental film | Derek Jarman | 16

The Invisible Frame

Deutschland 2009 | Documentary | Cynthia Beatt

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs | USA 2018 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | Wes Anderson | 6

Wes Anderson‘s animated film is set on a Trash Island near the imaginary Japanese city Megasaki. The mayor has banned all dogs from the city and all the canines lead a miserable existence until 12 year old Atari looks for his dog Spot on the ...

The Last of England

The Last of England | GB/BRD 1987 | Essay Film, Poetischer Film | Derek Jarman

An angry but poetic accusation of everything Jarman saw as wrong in Thatcher's Britain.

The Limits of Control

USA 2009 | Drama, Essay Film, Crime Drama, Thriller | Jim Jarmusch | 12


Kolumbien/ Thailand/ Deutschland/ Mexiko/ Qatar 2021 | Drama | Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Jessica (Tilda Swinton) is woken up by a muffled bang. She‘s the only one who can hear the sound. The sound scares her at first, but then she wants to hear it more and more.


Seolguk-yeolcha | ROK 2013 | Action, Drama, Science Fiction | Joon-ho Bong | 16

A sci-fi dystopia. The earth in the near future: Ice and snow cover the planet. A colossal train carrying the last survivors of humanity through the new ice age offers the only protection against the cold. But a class system develops on the train ...

The Souvenir

Großbritannien 2019 | Drama | Joanna Hogg

Young artist Julie loves her mysterious upper-class boyfriend Anthony but soon suspects he harbours a dark secret. Loosely based on director Joanna Hogg's own university days.

The Souvenir: Part II

GB 2021 | Drama, Film about film-making | Joanna Hogg


Italien/USA 2018 | Horror, Dance Film | Luca Guadagnino | 16

A strange dance school, brutal murders, a coven. Luca Guadagnino‘s eagerly awaited new adaptation of Dario Argento‘s horror classic.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

Three Thousand Years of Longing | USA/Australien 2022 | Drama, Fantasy | George Miller

Literary scholar Alithea (Tilda Swinton) researches myths in pop culture. At a conference in Istanbul, she buys an antique bottle and the jinn (Idris Elba) inside it grants her three wishes. But first, the jinn tells her about his life.

War Requiem

War Requiem | GB 1988 | Experimental film | Derek Jarman | 16

We Need to Talk About Kevin

GB/USA 2011 | Drama, Thriller | Lynne Ramsay | 16

The Zero Theorem

USA/Großbritannien 2013 | Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction | Terry Gilliam | 12

Removed from reality and living in a disused church, the computer genius Qohen Leth (Christoph Waltz) is obsessively working on a project delegated to him by the enigmatic Management aimed at cracking the Zero Theorem.

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