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The Florida Project

USA 2017 | Drama | Sean Baker | 12

Moonee lives in a hotel on the highway right before Disneyland with her 22 year old mother Halley. While the adults fight to survive, Moonee and her kid gang are having a great time.

Red Rocket

USA 2022 | Comedy, Drama | Sean Baker

With no money, job, or prospects, ex-porn star Mikey returns to Texas and shows up at Lexi‘s, who is still technically his wife, and begs to sleep on her couch. When he meets 17 year old donut seller Strawberry, he decides to make it big as a porn ...


Starlet | USA 2012 | Drama | Sean Baker | 16


Tangerine | USA 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Sean Baker | 16

A colorful transgender Christmas face on the streets of LA: Sin-Dee, just out of prison, is hunting down her cheating boyfriend Chester while Alexandra does her best to stop them from having an all too dramatic reunion.

The Woman

The Woman | USA 2011 | Horror | Lucky McKee

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