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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans | USA 2009 | Drama, Crime Drama | Werner Herzog | 16


USA 1984 | Drama | Alan Parker | 12

Drive Angry

USA 2011 | Action, Thriller | Patrick Lussier | 18


Face/Off | USA 1996 | Action, Thriller | John Woo | 16

While super-terrorist Castor Troy is in a come, FBI-agent Sean Archer has to wear his face to find a bomb Troy set before his accident. But then Troy wakes up and takes over Archer's life and face.

Colour Out of Space

Color Out Of Space | USA 2019 | Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literary Film Adaptations | Richard Stanley | 16

Cult director Richard Stanley tries his hand at Lovecraft. A meteor crashes into a family‘s garden and triggers mutations reminiscent of John Carpenter‘s THE THING.


Mandy | USA 2018 | Horror, Action, Thriller, Crime Drama | Panos Cosmatos | 18

The manic cult-revenge-fantasy MANDY provides great fanboy fun and features an irate Nicholas Cage completely losing the plot.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent | USA 2022 | Comedy, Crime Drama | Tom Gormican

Nicolas Cage plays Nick Cage, a washed-up actor who wants to end his career. Before that, he takes on one more lucrative entertainment job – which involves the drug mafia and the CIA.

Mom and Dad

USA/GB 2017 | Horror, Comedy, Thriller | Brian Taylor


Pig | USA 2021 | Drama, Thriller | Michael Sarnoski

The Rock

The Rock | USA 1996 | Action | Michael Bay | 16

Vampire's Kiss

USA 1988 | Horror, Love-story | Robert Bierman | 16

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart | USA 1989 | Gangster Film | David Lynch | 16

Willy's Wonderland

USA 2021 | Horror | Kevin Lewis

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