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Angel Heart

USA 1987 | Thriller | Alan Parker | 18

American Diner

American Diner | USA 1982 | Drama, Comedy | Barry Levinson

Rumble Fish

USA 1983 | Drama, Youth Film | Francis Ford Coppola | 16

Youth drama about a young man who wishes to be as feared as his gangleader brother and said brother who is seeking a quiet life, frustrated by the constant fighting.

Sin City

USA 2005 | Action, Satire | Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez | 18

Film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novels of hard-boiled tales. Where men are tough and angular and women are round and semi-dressed. Features plenty of violence, preferably against peni.

Sin City 2 – A Dame to Kill For

Sin City 2 – A Dame to Kill For | USA 2014 | Action, Science Fiction, Thriller | Frank Miller, Roberto Rodriguez | 18

Weaving together two of Frank Miller's classic stories with new tales, the town's most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more notorious inhabitants.


Barfly | USA 1987 | Drama, Comedy, Love Stories | Barbet Schroeder

The Wrestler

USA 2008 | Drama | Darren Aronofsky | 12

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