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Großbritannien 2021 | Drama | Kenneth Branagh

Nine year old Buddy grows up in 1960s Belfast in a Protestant family who are thinking about moving to England while the “Troubles“ escalate around them.


Cinderella | USA 2015 | Adventure, Drama, Family Film | Kenneth Branagh | oA

When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger.


Frankreich, USA, Großbritannien 2017 | Historical Film, War Film, Drama | Christopher Nolan | 12

A Haunting in Venice

USA 2023 | Scary Film, Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Kenneth Branagh

Hercule Poirot investigates a murder which may have been committed by ghosts.

London’s Garrick Theatre: The Winter's Tale

London’s Garrick Theatre: The Winter's Tale | GB 2015 | Live-Übertragung, Theater-Übertragung | Kenneth Branagh, Rob Ashford

Murder On The Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express | USA 2017 | Mystery, Crime Drama, Literary Film Adaptations | Kenneth Branagh | 12

Kenneth Branagh directs the classic whodunit.


USA 2023 | Drama, Biography, Historical Film | Christopher Nolan

A three-hour epic by visual perfectionist Christopher Nolan chronicling the development of the atomic bomb and the internal struggle of its "father", J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cilian Murphy)

Peter's Friends

Peter's Friends | GB/USA 1992 | Drama, Comedy | Kenneth Branagh | 12


USA/Großbritannien/Kanada 2020 | Action, Science Fiction | Christopher Nolan | 12

For the most part, TENET is a fun two-and-a-half hours of sci-fi spy-thriller immersion. For better and worse, it finds Nolan in pure entertainment mode while also going all-in on his chrono fetish.

Death on the Nile

Death On The Nile | USA 2020 | Crime Drama, Mystery | Kenneth Branagh

Hercule Poirot has to solve a murder while being on holiday in Egypt. Everybody on the boat has a motive but the world's greatest detective is just getting started.

Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour's Lost | USA 2000 | Comedy, Musical | Kenneth Branagh | 6

Much ado about nothing

Much ado about nothing | USA/GB 1993 | Comedy, Love Stories, Literary Film Adaptations | Kenneth Branagh | 6


Conspiracy | USA 2001 | Historical Film | Frank Pierson

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