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Women Talking

Women Talking | USA 2022 | Drama | Sarah Polley

After the men of a Mennonite community get convicted of multiple rapes, the women have to decide what they are going to do. Sarah Polley‘s unconventional adaptation of Miriam Toew‘s novel follows the womens' discussion.


Beast | GB 2017 | Love Stories, Thriller | Michael Pearce | 16


Misbehaviour | Großbritannien 2020 | Comedy, Drama | Philippa Lowthorpe | oA

The Miss World beauty contest in 1970 is hosted by comedian Bob Hope and transmitted from London to the entire world. The newly founded “Women‘s Liberation Movement“ decides to protest against the sexism of the event.

The Lost Daughter

USA 2021 | Drama | Maggie Gyllenhaal | 12

A british university professor is reminded of her own difficult relationship to her children when she sees a young mother while on holiday.

Men (2022)

Men | USA 2022 | Drama, Science Fiction, Horror | Alex Garland | 16

Harper has come to the countryside to recover from her relationship with an aggressive partner, but the men in the rural idyll aren‘t particularly sympathetic either. Modern folk horror directed by Alex Garland.

The Courier

The Courier | Großbritannien 2020 | Drama | Dominic Cooke | 12

Spy thriller about a businessman assisting MI6 find out more about the soviet missile programme.

Wild Rose

Großbritannien 2018 | Drama, Music Films | Tom Harper | 12

Irish actress and singer Jessie Buckley plays singer Roselynn Harlan, who dreams of performing in Nashville but has to stand on her feet again after being in prison in her hometown Glasgow.

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