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USA 2022 | Action | Michael Bay

After a bank robbery, an ex-soldier and his adopted brother are on the run from the police in a stolen ambulance. Michael Bay's remake of a 2005 Danish film.

Brokeback Mountain

USA 2005 | Drama | Ang Lee | 12

The Day After Tomorrow

USA 2003 | Action, Science Fiction | Roland Emmerich | 12


Demolition | USA 2015 | Drama, Comedy | Jean-Marc Vallée | 12

After losing his wife in a car accident investment Banker Davis Mitchell feels numb. He tries to access his feelings by wreaking havoc and seeking for an emotional response within in himself.

Donnie Darko

USA 2001 | Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction | Richard Kelly | 16


CDN/E 2013 | Erotic Film, Psychothriller | Denis Villeneuve | 12

Bored of his daily routine and his relationship, history professor Adam sinks into lethargy. One night he watches a film and spots a minor actor in the film who looks exactly like him. He becomes consumed by his desire to meet his double.


USA 2017 | Science Fiction, Thriller | Daniel Espinosa | 16

A six-headed crew of an internationship space station is on the brink of proving there is extraterrestrial life on Mars. They soon discover that these lifeforms are far more intelligent than they expected.


Nightcrawler | USA 2014 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Dan Gilroy | 16

A young drifter comes across a TV reporter filming an accident and then demands hundreds of dollars for the footage. Lou develops a taste for blood. He finds himself a camera, buys a police radio, and sets out to find the most gruesome and violent ...

Nocturnal Animals

USA 2016 | Drama | Tom Ford | 16

Susan is a successful gallery owner, married to an attractive, rich, cheating husband. One day she receives a manuscript of her ex-husband Tony’s book NOCTURNAL ANIMALS which is dedicated to her. But is Tony’s brutal novel meant to seduce, charm ...


USA 2013 | Psychothriller | Denis Villeneuve | 16

The Sisters Brothers

USA/Frankreich/Rumänien/Spanien 2018 | Drama, Western | Jacques Audiard | 12

The Sisters Brothers are ruthless assassins. They are meant to get a secret formula from a gold prospector that will simplify the digging of gold and then murder the man, but the prospector has used his charm and friendliness to befriend one of them.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

USA 2019 | Action, Comic book movie, Adventure | Jon Watts

Peter Park travels to Europe with Ned and MJ. They go on a sightseeing bus in London and take selfies in Venice. But an unexpected visit in a backpacker hostel can only mean one thing: Spider Man has a new mission.


USA 2017 | Drama, Biography | David Gordon Green | 12

Jeff Bauman lost both of his lower legs in the Boston Marathon attack in 2013 and became a symbolic figure of US resistance against his will.

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