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The Funeral

The Funeral | USA 1996 | Gangster Film | Abel Ferrara | 16

Big Night

Big Night | USA 1996 | Drama, Comedy | Campbell Scott, Stanley Tucci | oA

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet | USA 1985 | Psychothriller | David Lynch | 16

Evil is looming behind the white picket fences in David Lynch's psychological thriller BLUE VELVET.


Joy | USA 2015 | Biography, Drama, Comedy | David O. Russell

Joy Mangano invented the “Miracle Mop“ in the early 90s. Sales go rapidly up when Joy decides to front the household product herself.


Kanada 2012 | Drama, Experimental film | Guy Maddin

A surreal mix of gangster film tropes and haunted house horror about the fantastical, nightmarish odyssey of Ulysses Pick who comes home and explores all of his rooms and his psyche.

Land of Dreams

Land of Dreams | USA/Deutschland/Katar 2021 | Comedy, Science Fiction | Shoja Azari, Shirin Neshat | 12

LAND OF DREAMS opens a portal to a poetic, desert in-between world, in which Iranian-American Simin works as a “dream catcher.“ On behalf of the census board, she asks people about their dreams. She herself doesn‘t really know why.

Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved | USA 1994 | Biography | Barbet Schroeder | 12

White Nights

White Nights | USA 1985 | Drama | Taylor Hackford | 12

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