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Beach Rats

USA 2017 | Drama, Youth Film | Eliza Hittman | 16

In the anonymity of chatrooms Frankie is gay, but when he goes out to the beach and meets his buddies, he wears a mask of toxic, heteronormative masculinity.


Scrapper | GB 2022 | Drama | Charlotte Regan

Where the Crawdads Sing

Where The Crawdads Sing | USA 2022 | Drama, Crime, Literary Film Adaptations | Olivia Newman

Historical drama about a young woman living on her own in the swamps. When a football player is found killed, she is the prime suspect. But is she being framed?

The Iron Claw

USA 2023 | Drama, Biography, Sportfilm | Sean Durkin

Postcards From London

Postcards From London | Großbritannien 2018 | Drama | Steve McLean | 12

Jim goes to London searching for adventure and gets involved with the “Raconteurs,“ a group of elegant male escorts. They take Jim under their wings and train him to become a master of “post-coital conversation.“

The King's Man – The Beginning

The King's Man | Grossbritannien/USA 2020 | Agentenfilm, Action, Adventure | Matthew Vaughn | 16

Prequel to Matthew Vaughn's KINGSMEN-films, set in the time of the First World War.

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