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Before Sunset

USA 2003 | Love Stories | Richard Linklater | oA

The Black Phone

USA 2021 | Horror, Thriller | Scott Derrickson | 16

Supernatural horror based on a short story by Joe Hill.

Born to Be Blue

Born to Be Blue | Kanada, Großbritannien 2015 | Biography, Music Films | Robert Budreau | 12

BORN TO BE BLUE is a cinematic portrait of terrific jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, a humorous homage that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That also has to do with Ethan Hawke’s performance, who manages to approximate Baker without losing himself.


USA 2002-2014 | Drama | Richard Linklater | 6

Richard Linklater filmed Boyhood with the same cast over a 12-year period. The film starts when the young boy, Mason (Ellar Coltrane), is 6 and ends when he leaves home and goes to college at 18.

Dead Poet's Society

Dead Poet's Society | USA 1988 | Drama | Peter Weir | 12

Fast Food Nation

USA 2006 | Drama, Thriller | Richard Linklater | 12

First Reformed

USA 2017 | Drama, Thriller | Paul Schrader

Pastor Ernst Toller is seriously ill, he is eaten up by guilt over his son’s death in Iraq. When he meets environmentalists Mary and Michael, his crisis deepens – until he makes a terrible decision.


USA 1997 | Science Fiction | Andrew Niccol | 12

The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven | USA 2016 | Action, Western | Antoine Fuqua | 16

The city of Rose Creek is ruled by a brutal businessman named Bartholomew Bogue. The desperate inhabitants hire seven outlaws to protect them.

Juliet, Naked

USA 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Music Films | Jesse Peretz | oA

Annie's relationship with the eternal fanboy Duncan has been stale for a while. Then she meets the object of Duncan's adoration, the obscure singer/songwriter Tucker Crowe.

Promised Land

USA/Deutschland/Frankreich 2017 | Documentary, Roadmovie, Biography | Eugene Jarecki | 6

The journey with Elvis‘ rolls royce across the US connects the portrait of a musician with an inventory of US society today.

Maggie's Plan

Maggie's Plan | USA 2015 | Comedy | Rebecca Miller | oA

New York university employee Maggie is planning to have a child. She has already set a date, found a willing sperm donor, and accumulated some savings. But when she meets John, a depressed professor of “Fictional Anthropology”, her meticulous ...

The Northman

Großbritannien 2022 | Action, Historical Film, Drama | Robert Eggers

Robert Eggers fulfilled a dream and made a Viking film. THE NORTHMAN is an adaptation of the Nordic saga that went on to inspire Shakespeare to make “Hamlet“ centuries later.


USA 2020 | Drama, Biography | Michael Almereyda | 12

Biographical drama about the inventor, his ambitions and his love life.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead | USA 2007 | Thriller | Sidney Lumet | 16

Training Day

USA 2001 | Drama | Antoine Fuqua | 16

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