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USA 2018 | Action, Adventure, Comic book movie | James Wan | 12

An Australian-American action adventure film starring Jason Momoa.

Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me | USA 2017 | Drama | Michael Carney | 6

The Witches

The Witches | USA/Mexico 2020 | Fantasy, Adventure, Literary Film Adaptations | Robert Zemeckis | NEW RELEASE

Adaptation of the fantasy novel by Roald Dahl, transposed to the USA.

Muppets Most Wanted

USA 2014 | Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Puppentrick | James Bobin | oA

Tour manager Dominic Badguy conspires with the Russian frog Constantine to steal the Crown Jewels. The real Kermit is kidnapped and a look-alike with a facial mole takes his place. Constantine and Badguy use the unsuspecting Muppets and their ...


Wonder | USA 2017 | Drama | Stephen Chbosky | oA

10 year old Auggie prefers to wear his astronaut helmet so that no one can see that his face is deformed from birth. But now he has to go to a normal school and learn to stand up to bullies and find friends.

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